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The Multi-Part {Teachable} Song that gives me Hope.

3 Heart it! Jen Schwartz 374
June 20, 2018
Jen Schwartz
3 Heart it! 374

Laurence Cole is one heck of a human being—a song leader with kind eyes and an infectious laugh.

He is a lover of nature and all of his fellow humans.

He writes a song every day—let that sink in. This man creates daily.

As a community choir enthusiast myself, I find this kind of passion—to create and share in a way that allows people to come together in song—beyond inspiring.

In addition, these words really ring true for me today. Feeling the weight of the world on my shoulders, sitting back, taking a deep breath, and allowing these voices to swell around me brings some comfort, grounds me, and reminds me that while we have a long way to go, there’s lots of good around us.

“My life is so cuckoo, I can’t do enough

To help this ol’ world when she’s feeling so rough.

My heart is just bleeding, what can I do?

I want to come on home to you.

My life is so cuckoo, don’t know where to turn.

Each place that I look seems so ready to burn

But when I look close, I see beyond fear.

I want to come and hold you near.

Well, all this despair just comes down to one thing.

Life starts to look up when we gather and sing.

When we get together, a light just goes on.

I see you here inside this song.”


Maybe you’ll be inspired to learn and teach this song to others.

Maybe, you’ll find comfort between these lines, as I have—may it be of benefit!

I’m ready to help this world. I’m ready to sing through it. I’m ready to do both at once.

Thanks, Laurence.


Author: Jen Schwartz
Image: Unsplash/Mohammad Metri
Editor: Yoli Ramazzina


**About the author: 

Jen Schwartz is a joy seeker/sharer living in Halifax, Nova Scotia. She is a procurer of positive thoughts and lover of the (extra)ordinary. Jen is particularly passionate about people, connection, words, and song. You’ll often find her correcting grammar in things publicly displayed, thanking the sun for shining, or pointing out lyric references in everyday conversation.

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3 Heart it! Jen Schwartz 374
3 Heart it! 374

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