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The healing power of nature

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November 4, 2018
Saralee Cassidy
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Have you ever stood in a forest green lush and alive or felt the water touching and tickling your toes whilst looking out at the face of an ocean wide and mysterious and wondered?! Why in this moment have all my worries been forgotten and my mind completely present and empty?!

Well if you have?! Nature has touched your soul. The universe does touch us and can see us when we stand and face it’s vastness from a space of longing.
Well think about it! Really think about it and truly notice how the mind is left behind when we feel connected to the bigger force of life around us. Nature has an undeniable authenticity that touches the bigger picture within and in that moment she reminds us of who we truly are. The paradox of significance is found in the realisation that one is completely insignificant and freed in that. Spiritual author John O’Donoghue used to bring his students to the ‘Cliffs of Moher’ and have them bend backwards over the bare cliff face inviting the great vastness. There was an interesting intention here despite the extreme effort to reach or touch the space of the great void within. Jean Paul Sartre named this the feeling of ‘L’Angoisse​’ the moment when one can see and choose their own death, albeit a little intense! The fact still remains that in nature we are touched by something much bigger than us, Greater than our menial little lives demarcated by small minded dramas, ebbs and flows.
In nature lies the immensity of life, we can no way challenge it, our life and death are here!
Our bodies innately know she is the source of life and that is why we seek restoration from her. If we are attuned to her ways through observation we will understand and learn more about ourselves through the cycle of life, it’s seasons, the elemental alchemy of life and light, shadows, night and day. Every part of us is already there awakened to her, all one need do is look to the consciousness of life itself for healing, meaning, understanding and restoration. So while we are running around like blue funny bummed flies with this affirmation and the next best cult following to cure all our blocks and blows, give this a thought: nature is the solution right under your nose!!
Harness and harvest this connection and energy and be found alive to life!!
Nature reminds us that we are part of a greater life sense and force and from this space one can recognise that all our thoughts and worries have no place or significance. In a way thought is futile and unatural to this breathing space deeper than the length or breath of man’s mind!
So get out there into her abundance, intoxicate your soul and life force with the energy of love. For nature is the only visible connection to life and A ‘GOD’, the rest is in YOUR head, the madness of the world! Jump out of your mind and into your heart.
(#SLC copyright Saralee Healing)

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0 Heart it! Saralee Cassidy 146
0 Heart it! 146

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