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This Love, Most Undeserved.

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June 27, 2018
Darcy Stewart
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I sat in class the other day and the teacher gave a task for us to complete this sentence: “I feel the most loved when…”

I knew my answer right away.

I feel the most loved when I do something stupid, and am loved anyway.

I’m not saying to go out and do something stupid to someone who cares about you – in fact, please, please do not do that.

But, have you experienced that type of love? It is unconditional. It is deep. It is simple and non-attached, and yet difficult for me to understand. It feels undeserving.

This love says, “You messed up. And I love you anyway.” It says, “I wish you didn’t do that thing, but here we are, and I love you still.” It says, “I will choose to love you even when you disappoint me.”

I know this love. To be real, I have taken this love for granted, and to be sure, I do not deserve this love.

This love proves its strength, its determination, its wholeness. This love doesn’t ask for anything in return, and it doesn’t make demands. This love is a humbling love to experience, for it will teach you far more about yourself than many other types of love, because it is so free.

Give this love. Cherish this love.

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0 Heart it! Darcy Stewart 55
0 Heart it! 55

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