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What your To-Do list really Says about You.

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February 27, 2018
Leah Sallen
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A post shared by asimplephrase (@asimplephrase) on Feb 26, 2018 at 5:19pm PST

I’ve never met a to-do list that has become a to-done list.

Tonight, I’m inspired by a yoga/meditation class I took at @chill_out_chi in which the instructor encouraged us to focus on just being instead of constantly worried about doing, which in turn, got me thinking.

I’ve never described my friends by the number of chores they’ve checked off their to-do lists, and similarly, my own lists do not define my character. They don’t show the person I’ve molded myself into through introspection, overcoming insecurities, and learning how to love myself.

They do show, however, that I’ve been meaning to organize my photos into albums for about five years now and that it’s probably time I dropped off those bags of donations that have been sitting in the corner of my apartment for a hot minute.

They do show the trivial things that never seem to get done, and maybe that’s because they don’t add much value to my life beyond feeling victorious that I’ve checked off another item on an infinite list.

In reality, these to-do lists will never go away, but from today forth, I vow to balance them with a few items on my to-be list:

That every day, I will be kind, I will be curious, and I will be open to the list life has curated for me.

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4 Heart it! Leah Sallen 407
4 Heart it! 407

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