Kundalini Yoga : Santa Monica & Venice Cali.

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Kundalini Yoga offers the next level of integration from a Hatha Yoga Practice. It took quite a bit of prodding from friends who were embarked on kundalini teacher training for me to attend a class. After over 6 years of Ashtanga Vinyasa practice & meditation, I felt that kundalini was too arcane & “new agey”.

It has been over a year since that 1st kundalini class @ www.goldenbridgeyoga.com, and I am feeling it.

Harijiwan ( www.harijiwan.com ) , a Santa Monica based teacher has this backgrounder. ” Kundalini Yoga is a meditative disciple within the yogic tradition that focuses on psycho-spiritual growth. This awakened state gives you the capacity to expand your perspective and experience each day with increased inspiration and joy.”

A class typically starts with pranayam (breathing exercises ) then segues into kriyas, a sequence of  exercises  which  work  together  to  create  a  specific  effect  or state.  My favorite part of the class is the closing gong meditation were the sound & vibration either takes me into deep relaxation or on occasion , a kundalini rising along the chakra superhighway.

Most practitioners wear white sport head coverings in order to hold energy & create a meditative focus. And yes,a byproduct of all this heightened awareness is the ability to discern an awful hatha class or instructor.

For a donation based Tuesday evening class under the stars in Venice Cali, email : alexandraaitken@yahoo.com to get on the list. Sat Nam !

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