Quick Tips for Feeling Fabulous After Your (Thanksgiving) Feast. ~ Marcie Goldman

Via on Nov 27, 2008

If you’re planning on feeling stuffed, sleepy or guilty after Thanksgiving’s feast, think again—you can have your cake and eat it too!

Some of these are going to surprise you!

1. Eat breakfast. Seriously, this will help you eat more later.

2. Do something physical. Not the “I’m going to over eat so I better burn off enough calories to make room for this gigantic meal.” Just move, maybe a little fresh air and sunshine, so cravings aren’t kicked into full gear.

3. Avoid the “It’s only one day of the year, f$%k it” mentality. It’s only one day of the year every day. That’s sneaky dieters mentality and will always fail you.

4. Make every day Thanksgiving. When you learn “full permission” eating, holiday, party or social eating won’t trigger you. (It’s wonderful).

5. Ask for recipes and take food home once you’re satisfied. Party guests will respect you and you’ll respect your body.

6. Balance your plate with the Big Three: protein, fats and carbs. Most overdo carbs, so use a checks and balance system; forgo bread for something you like better or have a little of everything.

7. Don’t drink your carbs, save it for the mashed potatoes! Sugary drinks fill you up just like stuffing. Choose wisely. (Water with lemon aids digestion).

8. Don’t skimp on gravy, it’s a digestive aid (if made properly). This includes butter on your potatoes and dressing on your salad.

9. Take L-Glutamine thirty minutes before your meal. You know how last year you had one of every dessert? See if this year you just need one!

10. Take GTF Chromium after your meal for better sugar metabolism.

11. Choose a dessert with fat, protein, cinnamon, cloves or coconut so the sugar won’t screw up your blood sugar levels.

12. Enjoy an after dinner digestive aid like ginger, mint, chamomile, fennel, or chai tea or a sip of someone’s coffee, before they add cream and sugar.

I hope these have inspired you to rethink your Thanksgiving feast as one that can be enjoyed without guilt, bloat or negative side effects…a feast is only as good as how you digest it!

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There’s nothing that lights up Marcie Goldman more than getting you glowy-good healthand she does that by helping you start fresh. Marcie had to unlearn all the so-called “nutrition facts” before she got healthy and that’s where she starts with her clients. Then, she fills you up with fad-free, counter-culture, result based nutrition recommendations to get you off the diet-crazy-train and back in control of your appetite.

Marcie has a thriving practice in Boulder, CO and nationally via Skype. Her work combines functional medicine strategies with nourishing wise woman traditions, a stellar combination that she has honed over the last 10+ years in her professional one-on-one & group work. To accelerate your healing process, Marcie created Mojo Mastery Month, the popular 30-day health makeover and “the only quick fix” she would ever advise. This inspiring and highly supportive group program sparks rapid healing and whole lot of MOJO. She shares these mojo-making tips abundantly on Facebook. Contact Marcie by email.





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