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Via on Nov 6, 2009

Go Go Squeez

I love the packaging; it is creative modern and appealing to children and adults. It is rare to see children’s products that deserve design recognition but Go-Go Squeez is certainly an exception. Who doesn’t love a talking banana and cinnamon stick?

On a similar note, the pouch design is surprisingly functional. The combination of a Capri-Sun and Clif Energy Gel, the package is easily packed into a lunch box or hiking backpack for a quick snack. I must emphasize that this is merely a snack with only 130 calories per serving and enough applesauce for three minutes of slurping. Of the apple, apple-strawberry, apple-banana, apple-peach and apple-cinnamon varieties, apple-peach was my favorite flavor. Yummy.

Go Go Squeez

With 100% fruit, no added sugar, and a full serving of fruit make the Go-Go Sqeez a healthy, on-the-go snack. Oh, and did I mention they are Kosher certified?

Here is a little company back-story:

Known as Materne Pom’potes in France, the brand has become the favorite fruit snack of children with more than 1 billion pouches consumed to date.

Materne GoGo squeeZ was launched in the US in June 2008 to offer American families the opportunity to enjoy our no spoon, no mess, all natural squeezable applesauce when on the go! Each pouch contains the equivalent of one fruit serving and supports our mission to American consumers: Helping parents feed their kids better foods when they are on the go!

Our Mantra: simple and clean ingredients, great taste and lots of fun!

But hold on! The packages are not recyclable. This was a huge disappointment because I love the packaging, taste and portability. (Pouting face) Maybe I will just stick with my canned, all-natural applesauce that I know can be recycled.

Go Go Squeez

For more information, please visit the Go-Go Squeez website. If you are interested in ordering, please visit the Amazon website.

This review was made using a free sample of applesauce from Go-Go Squeez.


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