How Social Media Can Simplify Your Life.

Via on Jul 19, 2010

The collective brainpower of an audience is greater than what you know as an individual.

If you joined a social networking site to reconnect with people you know, you may have avoided expanding to other networking sites that have popped up to keep things simple.

After much exploration and even reading a few books on the new buzz words ‘social media’, I am here to tell you, social media sites and specifically networking sites such as blogstwitter, facebook and linkedin, only need to be a time drain if we let them.

When used well social media has the power to engage people through basic open ended questions by having the reader contribute to the stories of the moment. It provides an instant platform for feedback in a format that is convenient.

Engaging with an audience happens with little to no organizational center and amasses a group of like attituded people. You are speaking WITH people, rather than AT them, you build trust and  tap into other peoples expertise. The collective brainpower of an audience is greater than what you know as an individual.

Just because you are on a social media site doesn’t mean you need to ramble or get on a soap box all the time. It does mean you need to take things to be seriously fun and share what is inspiring you at the moment.

If you want to spend more time off the computer and still want to see your business/ personal brand/ friends business grow, hire or barter services with a social media assistant. It is cost effective and a relatively eco friendly way of marketing and  keeping your fingers on the pulse of what’s happening now.

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Emma Blue wants to shower the soil of the earth with probiotics and drizzle cold pressed oil on to your tongue. She is not weird. She is really into tangible tangents, engaging wall flowers, Cranio Sacral therapy and likes words a lot. She and her daughter love the Garuda, who says, "the key is inside of you." When she grows up she wants to be an actor, occupational therapist and physiatrist. She posts about adventures as a solopreneur in the yoga/ massage therapy world on her facebook fan page A Jing Thing.


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