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About Jennifer Bonetto

Known as 'The Hollywood Feng Shui Master,' since 2008, Jennifer has been the soul behind Real Feng Shui SOULutions. She incorporates interior design, Classical Feng Shui and building sustainably to make her one of the first Eco Shui Designers in the world. She is a certified Master Practitioner, Certified Master Instructor, and a fellow for the American College of Classical Feng Shui. She also serves as co-moderator for the Xuan Kong discussion group. Currently, she is part of the 400 year old Wu Chang Pai mastery lineage of Grandmaster Yap Cheng Hai, of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, through American Feng Shui Master, Denise Liotta-Dennis. She is featured on Season 3 of HGTV's show, Selling LA. Her background includes employment with several Fortune 500 corporations. Jennifer received an MBA from Chapman University in Orange, CA. Her business acumen and experience has helped executives and individuals alike to achieve their goals with money, relationships and health. Having lectured, written several articles, e-books and currently authored a book on Classical Feng Shui, she continues to educate people on this ancient science that has been mistranslated and misused throughout the years. Join us on Facebook: facebook.com/realfengshui Follow us on twitter: @realfengshui


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