Enola Gay- Marion Doss Flickr

Via on Aug 26, 2011

Enola Gay- Marion Doss Flickr

About Sophie Legrand

Sophie is the littlest French hobo. After studying American Literature in Paris, she left France in 1998 to first live in Santa Barbara, California, for a year. She then went to Madrid where she started working in publishing, as a literary agent. After 5 years of movida in Spain, she moved to London. There, she was introduced to yoga by two fantastic teachers, who gave her some very good foundations, a sense of precision and a taste for Asian philosophy. She completed her Yoga Teacher Training in Vancouver in 2011 and is now back to England where she is a proud stay-at-home mom and a yoga teacher. She is also a passionate home-cook with a focus on multicultural, tasty and healthy dishes. Her culinary explorations are on L'Artichaut. You can find her on Twitter and on Mindful Mum She also helps looking after Reviews at Elephant Journal.


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  1. Shivin Varghese says:

    Yoga and Sex? well the last thing that Patanjali would have spoken himself and the first thing that a writer with a western approach to Yoga would speak on – is what I would say…. :)

    Now this doesnt mean that with Yoga one is supposed to maintain celibacy (ha! ask that ASS John Friend, I read about him where he spoke on maintaining Celibacy and otherwise the man himself practiced something opposite – utterly butterly delicious double standards)

    I showed this to a senior yoga instructor who lives at Mysore, South India – where lies one of the K.Pattabhi Jois shala (the man who's living a happy married life). As this instructor trains both men and women from India and abroad of all ages, I wanted to know his reaction to this… After going through the article and yes ofcourse the picture of the lady with this he jeans slipping down and a raksha mala in her hands, he gave out a laugh for a couple a seconds with no words following.
    When asked if he had to comment on this, he said.. "Nothing, well such approach would come and go, and we are no one to change or comment"

    As I've known of people posting articles on Yoga for a better Butt. Yoga for rounded legs, Yoga for a flat tummy, for enhanced tits or whatever bla bla, this kind of stuff was just expected then..

    Well if someone wants to enjoy yoga with all flexibility or someone who understands his or her body well, then I guess you must promote sex with your anatomy professor or Sex with your chiropractor or even Sex with your gymnast trainer. They know it well, right? Having been a student of yoga for sometime, being an Indian who took Yoga as a part of the six philosophical system in Hinduism, and having come across some of the seasoned yoga practitioners, Id say yoga is the last thing to be associated with Sex… I know there are some "teachers" or "masters" of Yoga like Bikram who prefers his hot yoga sessions to be filled with Bikini clad western women, but is the whole purpose of yoga attained there ? <doubts>
    O yes, I've come across another breed of Yogis who constantly keep talking about mantras, and japas (chanting), so if you wanted to have someone chant Hare Krishna, Hare Rama while banging you on the mat, go for a yoga fella… not a bad option at all he he!!

    Wonder what Sharath (the grandson of Pattabhi Jois – the guru of Ashtanga yoga system) had to say about this … as he guides a lot of women from across the globe with various series of postures ,,, but in the end is happily married with kids.

    The last thing I would want to do is sympathize on any human act… But here I can only sympathize with this approach towards yoga. Lets not forget Yoga is a Guru Shishya parampara (google it to understand the meaning of it). The very sacrosanct relation is lost when such an intent comes in. PS: Yogis have sex, but a seasoned practitioner would think twice before even cultivating such an intent towards the teacher

    ah yes,,, there would be comments followed here, asking to ignore what I just wrote, or calling me by names… its fine!
    Christ was called by names too during his last days. He later on even went to the extent of asking for forgiveness to those who persecuted him. For those who completely misinterpret the science of Yoga (that includes me too as I too am a learner and tend to make mistakes), I can only ask the great sages who invented it, for forgiveness. Forgive us, for we dont know what we are doing! :) :D

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