Pema Chodron: I’m suffering. What should I do?

Via on Aug 29, 2011
(via Wikipedia, from US Food Administration WWI poster "Prayer of Millions")

Pema Chödrön outlines the
Five Slogans of Machig Labdron.

  1. Confess your hidden faults.
  2. Approach what you find repulsive.
  3. Help those you think you cannot help.
  4. Anything you are attached to, give that.
  5. Go to the places that scare you.

In a way, all of these instructions are ‘going to a place that may scare you.’”

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Clare L. Polencheck is a yoga instructor who strives to live and write from a Christian-Yogic spiritual perspective, and is humbled to share tidbits of her lessons as a teacher of asana, a student of her students, and a pupil of Universe. Learning to go with God’s flow is her dharma code.


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