Do You Need a Hug?

Via on Dec 4, 2011

Is there anything better than a big, warm hug?

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Are you thinking about New Year’s resolutions yet? I think one of mine will be to give as many hugs as possible. Everyone could use a hug like this, especially after having a bad dream.

Need more kitty snuggles? Oh, there are more. (And even a few from some bigger “kitties” too!)



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11 Responses to “Do You Need a Hug?”

  1. Anna Sheinman SOFLY_Anna says:

    so cute, I am going to hug my boy-friend right now:-)

  2. Soooo CUTE!!! Love it! I send you a HUG Kate! xoxoxo

  3. Helene Rose Helene Rose says:

    So adorable!!! awww!!!

  4. Valerie Carruthers Valerie Carruthers says:

    LOVE those big warm furry purry hugs. OOO's to you Kate!

  5. […] Step 5: Give them a hug. There are so many schools of thought around punishment. Personally, I think the intentions are a much bigger issue than the actions when it comes to that type of thing. The consequences of scratching your mom’s car? You have to help fix it. Maybe you have to do extra chores to help work it off. But punish my son for writing that he loves me? Nope. I’ll laugh (and maybe cry!), and we’ll clean it. And then he gets a hug. […]

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