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Via on Jan 21, 2012

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6 Responses to “which is hotter”

  1. Denise says:

    They are all women. They are all real.

  2. Kaety moon says:

    Why are we so focused on what is the right shape for a woman to be? A ‘real woman’ is woman shaped, simple. Perhaps a real woman is interested more in how she can change the world than how she appears in the world. We need to stop fighting each other. Can’t we see that patriarchy is quietly rubbing his hands in glee while some women slate other women, poring over glossy mags & blogs to bitch about who is fat, thin, sweaty, hairy, instead of honouring those women’s achievements. Why don’t we present a united front against a culture which perpetuates damaging cycles of hatred, abuse and violence against the female form. Surely your question should be, does my contribution to this debate further objectify women.

  3. Dee says:

    Why so much focus on body type at all. Those who are shapely are beautiful shapely, those who are skinny are beautiful skinny, tall, short etc. this perpetual focus on the good and bad ideas of the female body perpetuate the idea that there is something wrong with it one way or another. LET IT BE. Let the body exactly as it is be beautiful.

    • carmen says:

      Thank you Dee. This is becoming a norm for media to look for the most horrid pictures and best. We are all just what we are-period. People need to slop hating, no matter what the body shape.

  4. buzz k says:

    Heidi Montag looks like a skeleton with some skin tags surgically attached to it.
    I don't care if a girl is thin or heavy, but she should look human.

  5. DjWAYS says:

    Many woman today are taking their natural beauty, gifts, genetics to a different “hotter” simply because women today are becoming physically empowered through various paths of fitness, movement, athletics more so than any generation before. One is not better than another, and when one works out with any consistency, lower body fat, leaner look is a natural result. I honor and appreciate the evolution as well as all the stages of progression. We don’t need to keep telling some disempowered story here.

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