How to explain to an unconvinced Christian that homosexuality isn’t sinful. [flowchart]

Via on Aug 9, 2012


A Flowchart to Open a Mind.

For a more eloquent, entertaining take on the same subject: “Bible forbids Homosexuality?”

For more: “Do you believe the Bible is literally true?”

Via Imgur via Reddit, where there’s a fair amount of criticism of the above flowchart’s references.



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17 Responses to “How to explain to an unconvinced Christian that homosexuality isn’t sinful. [flowchart]”

  1. Mike Jones says:

    Faulty logic.
    1. Should we still live by OT laws? >Don't steal, don't kill. Just because you don't like part of the Old Testament you throw the whole thing out the door.
    2. Because the bible defines marriage.> You listed 5 examples – I don't see a man and another man on the list.
    3. Paul spoke against it. > That's right he did. And if you choose "Yes" to live by those values (which are a part of the New Testament) then "Have fun living a sexist life?" Paul wasn't a Sexist. The Bible teaches wives to submit to their husbands.
    Since you disregarded this as a cultural practice, and one that is very common around the world still to this day, you throw out Paul's values again because you don't like them.

    The arguments on this whole flow chart are just plain silly and I doubt you spent more than 5 minutes on this.
    If you don't want to be a Christian then don't be.

    • JeffS68 says:

      Part of the old testament?! you mean all of the old testament! Writings directly from an All knowing All powerful creator huh? Teaches the earth is flat, that the moon is a source of light, Cure leprosy with birds blood etc.. It teaches Incest, Rape is ok unless you dont marry the girl then you will be fined, Cannibalism, Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing, How to keep slaves, Kill all the men and the women that have laid with a man… the virgins you can keep for yourselves, If your bride is not a virgin on wedding day you are instructed to take her to her fathers doorstep and stone her to death, Fire Breathing Dragons (16 times), UNICORNS, Satyr's, Griffins. I could do this all day and not run out of horrible and crazy mythological stories from these books. This is not a moral book in any sense of the word… Jesus demands in Mathew 5:18 " I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not the smallest letter, not the least stroke of a pen, will by any means disappear from the Law until everything is accomplished" Like most, you have absolutely no idea what is in your bible! .. Also, ALL men of that period were sexist!!
      The Bible: It all applies or none of it applies! Try educating yourself about the authors of the bible, the times they were living in and why and who the books were written about!

  2. Paige says:

    You are being unfair in the "The New Testament Says So" section. If you are going to dissect Paul's words and the original meaning of the root word or Greek, you have to do the same for the context of his comments on women. Paul said women should be silent and not teach because of the times. All of Paul's letter were written to specifics areas, and ( I'm assuming you are referencing 1 Corinthians 14:34) was written to Corinth because some women had taken it upon themselves to teach others even though they had no education or proper training.
    Furthermore, in the Corinthian culture, women were not allowed to confront men in public. Some women took their freedom in Christ and began questioning men during public worship which caused a division in the church. The purpose of Paul's words was to promote unity in the church, not to degrade women. We can't fault him for trying to hold women to
    the standards of the times, then we would have to also lower what any other good man and mentor said till at least the early 1900s because they also did not try to raise the standard for gender equality.
    My primary point is this: if you are going to put verses in the Bible into context (which I fully support) in order to support your argument, please do the same to the verses that you try and use against Christians.
    Now I am a Christian, and I love the gay community and support the idea that they should have some sort of civil union that would allot them the same medical, economic, and political benefits that same-sex married couples have. I have no reason to hate them (and I would have no biblical backing to do so), but I am annoyed that whenever the morality of homosexuality is questioned, people start hurling insults against Christianity. As far as I've seen, Christianity is not the only religion to disagree with homosexuality, so it bothers me that people only attack Christians (or at least that is the only religion I've seen attacked).
    Again, if you are going to use the Bible and take some verses into context, I suggest taking all verses, whether they agree or disagree with your argument, into context in order to give your argument more validity.

    • Heather says:

      Um the bible, lowercase, is fiction……the fact you have to say you love the gay community is so up tight as to be ridiculous. Get with the program; it's the 21st century. Spend more time helping and getting to know your neighboring "communities" and put the archaic teachings away. They served their purpose in a more ignorant (lacking knowledge) time.

      • John Chen says:

        Hypocritical Heather? Quite so… Calling someone else beliefs ignorant or archaic while the belief of homosexuality has been around since the … I dunno, the beginning of time supposedly.

        I hope when human sacrifices come back into fashion that I can say the same thing to you. "Get with the program"

  3. SQR says:

    The Bible and the US Constitution are both subject to a wide variety of interpretations, and you see it every day in the news- There are about as many versions of "a well regulated militia" as there are people discussing guns in this country.
    Scripture contains numerous examples of conflicting thoughts, and (obviously) numerous examples of conflicting interpretation- people advocate burning copies of the Koran in the name of Christianity while others abhor that behavior in the name of Christianity. I suspect folks who use the Bible to condemn homosexuality would find some other means if the Good Book wasn't available. That said, I took this piece as harmless humor, and, as a Christian, I enjoyed it- if you can't poke fun at your own beliefs (or point out the outmoded dysfunctional stuff) well, I mean, damn….

  4. yoga bear says:

    it is 2012, do your thing and respect others is the rule-yoga bear out-peace and much love

  5. Ryan says:

    Things, people, culture, and everything else in the world changes- reguarless of what the bible says or doesn’t say. This simple truth is infinitely more important than anything in the bible. If the bible were to absolutely undoubtedly say homosexuality was wrong- so what?

  6. please says:

    This isn’t meant for anyone other than the base and merely perpetuates coercive thinking and attitudes.

    Finally the allusion and the false sense of security offered by joining “civilized” is disappointing and inherently problematic. It dilutes the conversation.

  7. Marco says:

    Hello everybody, this is Marco from Italy.
    Thanks to Waylon for this post.
    I'm homosexual. But first I'm a person, I'm live, I share my life with all the world.
    I tried to change myself, I tried to understand why I'm homo, I tried to understand homofobia, I tried to understand why I'm wrong. I try to feel my pain.
    After years (I'm 36), now I can say this: I don't care about any moral authority. I live. I'm alive. I feel. If you believe in God you can't believe that he create me wrong. And if tomorrow someone will argues that red hair people are against nature?
    Imagine your life accompanied by these questions: are my red air wrong? are my red air against nature? may be i should consult a psychologist to talk about my hair? why I'm red? I must change my hair color so people stop teasing me? I must wear hat for all my life to hide my hair?
    Yes, because be homo is like be red: it's natural. The nature is more sapient than us. And there is no problem until you can try to change nature. And would be no problem until you start to ask why I'm red.
    The problem of holocaust was Jews? Or Nazis?

  8. ans says:

    loved this article.

    Can you post something like-

    How to convince 20+ family members and the whole set of super conservative society that its right to let a person live according to her wishes without poking nose in every damn thing she does!

  9. amyschacht says:

    Really, logic is useless on this debate, and I say this as a Presbyterian minister for the last 20+ years who has run into tons of what I see as "mis-interpretations" of Scripture. This is not about rational argument. This is about what is happening at a much, much deeper, more visceral, more "amygdala" level, and this cannot be reached by logic or words. Although I certainly appreciate your effort! Minds are not changed because we see the flaws in our logic. Minds are changed as our hearts are touched. More information doesn't help. More people coming out, more "unconvinced Christians" meeting and interacting with and caring for and eventually loving people who are different from them is what works. Sometimes this makes me sad. But then I realize, it's how Jesus himself worked to transform folk: Through relationship. Good luck…….and thank you.

  10. Jason says:

    It's a little hypocritical of the creator of the diagram to condemn those for rejecting of others by being flippant and kind of a dick. If Acceptance is the message, then practice what you preach. (People who tell others to "Grow up," usually need to "grow up" themselves, LOL.) Karma is a mirror. :)

  11. Dri says:

    The one man one woman marriage section is wrong, yes the bible talks about how there was one man many wives, concubines, rapists etc. and so on,but that is because it is stating the facts of how things were, it does not mean that the bible approves of it. Im a Christian and i love my close gay friends that i have but i dont agree that it is right. The answers on this chart are all retarded, sorry, not sorry.

  12. SQR says:

    Yeah I see your point, I mean, we do have to stand up for what we believe in. Sorry, my whole life I've struggled with marked intellectual shortcomings.

  13. SQR says:

    This comment is someone else using the name "SQR"

  14. SQR says:

    Once again, not the "SQR" who made the original comment…. you sound like a junior high school troll- shouldn't you be in school on a weekday?

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