Burning Man Talk: Let Your Love Shine.

Via on Sep 11, 2012
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Why is love such a deep longing for us all? How do we find more love? Do we even know how to love? Can we love better?

These are questions that keep me up at night—and the questions I posed and answered in a recent public talk at this year’s 2012 Burning Man Festival in Nevada. I love to share ideas and was thrilled and delighted at the response from Burner listeners and their many questions. Love really is the question and answer we are all seeking. The sheer number of questions I received that day and later that week in camp and on the Playa inspired me to share this article and to invite readers to truly become a container of love and allow more passion, purpose and yes, even lust, into their lives. See what fertile unfolding blooms when you do…

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It is in our inherent make up to love; we are literally wired for connection.

The right hemisphere of your brain is the side that seeks to collaborate, looks for what we have in common and always wants to find resolution and peace. Every human being has this. You can choose to activate it more.

Ask, “How can I connect? How can I love?” 

Rather than sitting alone or isolating yourself seek ways to connect…your brain will thank you.

Your brain, however, is actually secondary to the heart itself. Did you know the heart is the first organ to form in the body?

Recent research from Heart Math also indicates that your heart—not your brain—is the most powerful organ in your body.

  • The heart’s electrical field is about 60 times greater in amplitude than the electrical activity generated by the brain.
  • The magnetic field produced by the heart is more than 5000 times greater in strength than the field generated by the brain.
  • Our cardiac field touches those within eight-to-ten feet of where we are positioned (and perhaps in more subtle ways at greater distances) which means the field of your heart actually touches others around you and interacts with their field.
  • Your heart signal can also effect another person’s brainwaves.

 So what is your heart sending out right now?

Your heart state impacts the quality of contact we offer to another person—how we can love them in fact. It is in our inherent wiring to love and connect, so how do we do it better…how do we become vessels for love?

In Tantric philosophy, we teach that to seek and appreciate beauty is one of the highest practices we can do and it is a way to find something to love.

Beauty makes your heart open and soar. Think of the last time you saw a beautiful sunset or a beautiful girl or just a majestic tree—you felt love and light surge through you.

How do we become fertile containers of influence, power and possibility in the world?

We seek love; we seek beauty…no matter what.

A great practice to see love and beauty: turn to the person beside you now (or practice this with someone you are in relationship with); look at them and really see them and seek what is beautiful. Just look and allow them to look at you. Beauty, true beauty, is not cosmetic or plastic—it is radiance, an inner knowing, a deep connection and light—one that we all share in fact.

When we love we feel alive, we feel whole, we remember our deep truth, we feel plugged in, turned on, tapped in, we feel beautiful, happy, joyful…and that is all any of us wants.

Allow your love to shine; the world is ready and so are you.




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