What to do when you didn’t get any sleep (& crawling back in bed is not an option).

Via on Sep 7, 2012

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No rest for the wicked.


I love sleep; it’s a delicious pleasure. I don’t have any trouble sleeping, normally. I sometimes have trouble going to bed. And lately, my daughter has been waking up on and off all night and has decided I should wake up as well.

Besides that, I’ve accidentally-on-purpose stopped drinking coffee daily. My French Press broke, and I just didn’t bother to replace it. I still get coffee once in awhile, but not to kick off every single morning.

Optimistically speaking, I got two hours of sleep last night.

But…sh*t’s still gotta get done!

What to do:

1. The Coffee Nap.

This only really works if you don’t drink coffee daily. If you are already pretty caffeine saturated, I don’t know that it would help. Step one is have a small cup of coffee in an Ayurvedic-theraputic sort of way. Step two is lay down for about 20 minutes. By the time you get up, the coffee will have kicked in. Winning!

2. 10 Sun Salutations.

Seriously. Get the blood flowing. Get the oxygen moving. You need it.

3. Crank some tunes.

Maybe this one:

or this one:

4. Take a cold shower.

You know, cold. Like so cold you almost can’t stand it.

shower water kids summer play hot weather

5. Congratulations. You’re feeling almost human again.


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