Wind Power’s Health Hazards Include… Herpes. {Colbert}

Via on Nov 9, 2012

Weight gain, weight loss and, yes, herpes.

It’s called Wind Turbine Syndrome. And you can get it by living near a wind turbine.

“Wind turbine syndrome might just seem like a collection of unrelated health complaints to the untrained eye, but untrained eye is also a symptom of wind turbine syndrome.”

You can also catch WTS just by hearing someone talk about it!

Colbert‘s take on this is, of course, hilarious.

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Wind Power’s Health Hazards
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2 Responses to “Wind Power’s Health Hazards Include… Herpes. {Colbert}”

  1. Linda Lewis Linda V. Lewis says:

    Hysterical! Perhaps then charging stations powered by wind will give folks with electric cars crabs!

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