Setting the Bar Small: Find Freedom with Fewer Things.

Via on Dec 5, 2012

While I may not be able to live as small as tiny house icon Dee Williams, I love the freedom, from both things and chores, which are the promises of a smaller space.


I moved this year, so I can tell you exactly how much stuff I have. I kept thinking, how is it possible I have so much stuff—I’m a wannabe minimalist!

Setting the bar small(er) in my closet

I confess I have plenty of clothes. However, I wear the same things over and over again. When I see something sitting in my closet untouched for a month, I make a decision: start wearing it again, sell it or give it away. If I am forcing myself to wear something I don’t love just because I own it, I know it is time for that piece to go. I hate waste, but there is no sense in cluttering up your space and holding on to things when others could make use of them. I hold clothing swap parties with friends about once a season and we trade clothing we no longer wear—one person’s trash…(you know how it goes).

When I do buy clothing, 95 percent of the time I buy used and then I sell unwanted items—make space, earn money, allow someone else to enjoy what I no longer use.

It can be more difficult to get rid of things when they have been given to you, even if you don’t use them. Help your friends and family avoid the guilt-stuff trap and give perishables (food/wine/plants) or experiential gifts. Prevent your gift from ending up unwanted in a closet or storage unit for years to come.

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  1. Linda Lewis Linda V. Lewis says:

    Very inspiring! Contentment is unbeatable, and the antidote to rampant consumerism!

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