This Is Why Your Ex Broke Up with You.

Via on Jan 30, 2013

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Who else has ever spent time after a breakup obsessing over what was wrong with their ex, asking yourself questions like:

Is he emotionally damaged from his previous relationship?

Does he love me but just not know how to express it?

Does he have a fear of commitment?

Is he afraid that I will hurt him?

Is he intimidated by my success?

Does he have intimacy issues?

Does he have mommy issues?

While these are all fine questions, they are not what your very fine self should be asking right now.


Because no matter how smart you are (and I have no doubt that you are one smart cookie), these questions just cannot be answered. Not by you, not by your friends, and certainly not by your therapist (whom you’ve probably been paying a massive amount of money wishing they would answer them for you.)

Might I suggest that you stop. Immediately.

Now, hear me out (before concluding that I don’t care about these most intimate issues). I do care. Just not about your ex.

What I care about is you. I care about you so much that I want you to stop asking yourself questions that you just simply cannot answer. The only person that will ever be able to answer said questions is your ex. This will not change (no matter how many hours you sit around in his sweatshirt eating Chunky Monkey ice cream).

If your ex did not tell you the answer to said questions before he dumped you, then the chances of you ever knowing the correct answers are very, very slim. (Which is not what you will be if you keep stuffing Chunky Monkey down your pretty face. Might I suggest you stop this immediately too.)

I’m sorry to disappoint you (and burst your psychoanalytical bubble), but in order for you to move on and be your badass self, you must stop asking yourself questions that you’re incapable of answering.

Breakups already make us crazy enough. Why drive yourself even more crazy searching for unattainable answers?

Give up now.

(Before you make everyone else around you crazy, too.)

Instead, ask yourself questions that you can answer. Use that psychoanalytical brain of yours for good, and psychoanalyze yourself instead. (Hint: It takes two to tango.)

Am I emotionally damaged from my previous relationship?

Did I love him but just not know how to express it?

Do I have a fear of commitment?

Am I afraid that I will get hurt?

Do I have intimacy issues?

Do I have mommy/daddy issues?

These are very broad questions, I know. But it’s a start. If this list of questions does not work for you, come up with your own. Just make sure the questions are ones that you can answer. Not questions that require your ex.

So, stop obsessing over your ex, and start accessing yourself instead.

You have much to learn. But before you can gain the wisdom, you must stop obsessing over your ex. He’s gone, and so are his issues, no matter what they may or may not have been.

Be glad of this. If you’re seriously having to ask these questions, would you seriously have wanted to stay in the relationship and deal with the answers?

Big hug,


P.S. Still need to bitch about your breakup? Talk to me, Sunshine.



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7 Responses to “This Is Why Your Ex Broke Up with You.”

  1. […] us from being able to freely receive. If we feel unworthy then we believe we have nothing to give; if we don’t love ourselves, then we don’t trust why someone would be kind to us. We fear that if someone gives without […]

  2. Julie says:

    This is such an awesome article! I'm going to print it out, keep it for myself and all my girlfriends in the future. Thank you so much for writing it!

  3. Fai says:

    If he cared he wouldnt treat u that way. U wouldnt have to ask him to treat u nicely. Its just stupid how we just hope he can love us but hey. People who love each other wont piss leave each other when their needed most. And ive been left just one two many times. I cnt believe i called that love

  4. Carolyne says:

    This is a great way to help with this sort of suffering but… My questions to me is, why wasn't I good enough to hear the truth from him? We had no major marital issues. Not known by anyone and especially each other during our 10 year relationship together. Why, why why is still and forever always, my question to me. Secretly knowing that you are terminally ill and then suddenly creating a bunch of very hurtful never ever even mentioned before reasons to try and justify why you "need" a divorce, is something that can never make any kind of real sense to me. Basically, never speaking to me again after this. ("pass the salt I want a divorce") I loved him very very much. What other good reasoning could there ever be for someone to not want to tell you the truth. Money? Not buying it. Spare me? Not sparing it! WHY couldn't he lie and just tell me that he didn't love me anymore, instead of lie about EVERYTHING else? More understandable at least is to fall out of love with someone? It is just as difficult to let go, when you can't even make up your own believable answers when you ask yourself the same any questions. He is gone now forever and answers can NEVER be. No amount of therapy needed just to know and accept that sometimes in life, god doesn't give us the answers we need for the things we can't understand.

  5. Julia says:

    The link to bitch with you is goving a 404. :(

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