I Invite All Women to Celebrate & Make a Positive Difference. ~ Carolina Daza

Via on Mar 8, 2013


Today, March 8, is proclaimed as the “International Women’s Day,” which commemorates women’s equality with men, an equality in human rights, equal opportunities, access to information, control of their own bodies, integrity and full realization as human beings.

Today feminist groups in various corners of our planet gather, proclaim and celebrate the value of women and demand global action to end violence against women and girls.

So on this day, I would like to share a few verses of Latin American writers.

Women as a rose by Gloria Inés Daza:

“Velvety knot, hidden roundness, pleasure of skin on skin, bone and skin, stigma, a maze.”

Women as a fruit by Isabel Allende:

“A woman is like a fruit that only expels its delicate fragrance when rubbed with the hand …”

Exquisite women by Gabriel García Márquez:

“A beautiful woman is not the youngest or the skinniest, or the one with the smoothest skin or more striking hair, is one that only needs a natural and sparkling smile with a simple touch and a good advice to rejoice life.”

The beauty of the woman by Mario Vargas Llosa:

“The real beauty of the woman is in the wrinkles of happiness …”

These reflections of life in the “International Women’s Day” raise my curiosity and desire to continue advancing my yogic path. My mind meditates on bringing my external world closer to my inner world. With yoga we dedicate our lifetime not destroy the evils of our outside world, but to build the goodness of our inner world.

I invite all women to celebrate, commemorate, and make a positive difference in our day, but especially to plant seeds of true inner wisdom, love, peace and happiness everyday as our lives allow.

Today I devote my early morning Mysore yoga practice to remind myself my value as a woman, as well as the responsibility I have to plant seeds of true wisdom about who I am and how I can allow more love, peace and happiness take over my inner world.

As the greatest Sage of all Yogis, Patanjali wrote, “yoga does not bother with changing the outside world so much.” One should try to achieve the best innner world, as all the differences in the outside world are the outcome our true inner self-realization.



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Ed: Brianna Bemel

About The Global Yogini

As a multi-faceted artist, Carolina Daza (The Global Yogini) travels the world sharing her Yoga Art in a creative way. Her inspiring yoga teachers are Linda Munro and Gérald Disse at Ashtanga Yoga Paris , where she completed her 500HR Yoga Alliance Teacher Training in Ashtanga Yoga. Carolina has a Master's in Contemporary Arts from Université Paris 8, as well as a Master’s of Arts and Food Culture at New York University. Carolina lived in a Bhakti Yoga Ashram under the guidance of Divya Alter, her Ayurvedic Teacher, in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. She has embarked on various yoga/cooking teaching and training tours throughout Europe, including the Helsinki Yoga community with Kylli Kukk’s Joogakoulu Shanti; as well as living in Copenhagen, while staging in the kitchen of NOMA, one of the world’s top restaurants.



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