Soft Body. {Poem}

Via on Jun 6, 2013


This poem comes from a place within that bows to the beauty of lush, supple, warm, tender, curvy, relaxed, loose and welcoming soft. And I must say, this value had to be woken up. Born when hard line doing was a must, it seems women claimed their space in society by being male in their endeavors. It was clear that women, and their inherent feminine ways, were undervalued. But we know now, women are an immeasurable force. We can do just like any man. So it’s time to awaken our Lady. Let her out. Bring her forth in all we do. She is a compliment, a soft touch that follows our excellence. So as much as this poem my appeal to women, it is for men too. Running too much of any essence feels unbalanced. Mastering the man and woman in each of us is harmony…and isn’t that what we all desire?

Soft Body

My hand awakens

to soft

as it swirls

the Milky Way

of my undulating belly.


Restless to explore

it plunges into

The Goddess Realm

unwrapping feminine from her clothes.


Sweetness steps out



tameless and exposed


as unbounded love.


This is what I know now

after believing firm and rigid

The God

was the only way.

It seems I had bought hard body on sale

abandoning soft

and all her golden virtues.


And yet

She never left me.

She stayed within

as stars and moon

until I could ride her galaxy

outside the solid gate


to run

and I her


to the wild



Our journeys

showed me

womanly craft.










and molds

to the calling

of my adoring



And yes

Soft coos

for penetration

beckoning firm and rigid

in healthy doses

yet she knows

the power

of quiet restoration

and courageously commands

her space

among all others.



my hand followed


into the secret.


I am the realm of Goddess

And yet I am

with gratitude


of the God.


I see now

the value

of claiming



As Unity


Soft Body

according to




It is now

I know

choice lives


as freedom

to express wholly.


By Alexandra Folz



Ed: Kate Bartolotta


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About Alexandra Folz

Alexandra Folz has a Master’s in Nursing and is the author of The Heirloom Trilogy~Indigo’s Bracelet, Indigo's Crystals and Indigo's Wings. These children’s chapter books share a mystical secret with kids and parents about self-awareness and its ability to reveal one’s inner wisdom, build self-esteem, and encourage spiritual enlightenment. Alexandra dedicates her moments to motherhood, spiritual exploration, writing, holistic healing, intuitive readings and Hospice. / / Twitter


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