Taste This. ~ Michael Graber {Poem}

Via Michael Graberon Jul 18, 2013


Taste This

We’re just this far from the forest,

when a good woman gauged love

by her share of the hunt.


The primal act of having another

raise a fork to your mouth,

brings your body to a blush.


Grilled pork, a civilized return

to our roots, opens three worlds:

the tribal, the urbane, the eternal.


Life feeds on life. Artistry matters.

Something as unexpected as reddening skin

gives a glimpse into the ocean of your eyes.


Inside, a fire

on an undiscovered island says

this is home, taste this—feast.


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Assistant Ed: Ben Neal/Ed: Bryonie Wise

Photo by Insomnia PHT http://www.flickr.com/photos/insomnia90/

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About Michael Graber

Michael Graber lives in his native Memphis, TN where he leads the Southern Growth Studio, plays mandolin in four bands, scribes on love poems, and practices being a human.


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