New Music Alert, Listen to This: Camera Obscura.

Via on Aug 9, 2013

Camera Obscura

I’ve loved Camera Obscura for awhile, but I forgot about them until recently.

To be more precise, I almost forgot how much I love listening to them until the Scottish indie band released their new album, Desire Lines.

This album also features guest vocals from Neko Case and My Morning Jacket’s Jim James.

Here’s the first song after the intro This is Love (Feels Alright).


If you want a flash back, here’s my favorite Camera Obscura song ever, A Sister’s Social Agony from their 2003 album Underachievers Please Try Harder.

I don’t know about you, but I’m always looking for new music and it’s often harder to come by than it should be.

I hope you enjoyed this find this as much as I did (i.e. can’t stop playing it).

Happy Listening!



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