Today in Yoga.

Via on Aug 25, 2014

Today in yoga, arching my back in cat-cow stretch felt amazing.

Today in yoga, standing splits came easier on the right side.

Today in yoga, I fell out of warrior-three… several times.

Today in yoga, I skipped vinyasas and went straight to downward-facing dog.

Today in yoga, I skipped vinyasas and took child’s pose.

Today in yoga, I modified downward-dog with dolphin, when my wrist hurt.

Today in yoga, I wiped sweat off the bridge of my nose, with my pants leg.

Today in yoga, my arms felt tired and strong at the same time.

Today in yoga, I kept breathing.

Today in yoga, I transitioned from warrior-three to half-moon.

Today in yoga, I chuckled when my teacher made  a joke about the lunch samples at Trader Joe’s.

Today in yoga, I made it to the mat.

Today in yoga, I breathed deeply, smiled, and sweat profusely.

Today in yoga, I was challenged.

Today in yoga, I forgot about my worries for one hour.

Today in yoga, I did what I could… and it was enough.


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