Earth Water International: Eco Activism with Every Sip

Via Merete Mueller
on Apr 16, 2008
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Depending on where you come from, bottled water is either evil or an angel. For example, if you’re traveling in many parts of South Asia or Latin America, it’s a necessity. If you live in Southern California, it’s posh (Fiji water exploded after it showed up on the sets of Friends and Desperate Housewives). But in Boulder, bottled water is a major environmental faux-pas. No matter where you are, it’s hard to justify adding to the Texas-sized island of plastic in the Pacific ocean for a thirst quick-fix.

Enter Earth Water International, the only product officially endorsed and licensed by the United Nations Refugee Agency. All (100%) of the company’s profits go towards drilling wells, building pipelines and providing fresh, clean water to some of the world’s most impoverished populations. The water and packaging is always sourced locally—so the bottles are shipped across countries, but never overseas. And to top it all off, the bottles in Canada are made from biodegradable corn instead of plastic, and all American bottles will soon be made from Tetrapak, a carbon neutral, easily recyclable plastic alternative. So if you absolutely must drink bottled water, why not support a company doing their best to create some positive change? Look for Earth Water in your local Whole Foods, or ask your favorite coop, grocery or corner store to carry it.


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