Lester Brown: The Man With the Eco Plan

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“If you like challenges, there’s no greater time to be alive”– Lester Brown. 

If you want to know how people are going to save civilization from ecological disaster, listen to Lester Brown. He’s an environmental policy wonk and advisor to countless heads of state and policy makers.

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21 Responses to “Lester Brown: The Man With the Eco Plan”

  1. bless you for this work, let me know if you need support or help on any level.

    Grace Kelland
    Gracious Living & Gkamp Retreats

  2. […] Quite simply, this is one of the most important books anyone could ever read. Brown addresses climate change as something to be taken seriously, but it is only the tip of the iceberg if we have any intention of saving civilization as we know it. Brown discusses social and economic theory of civilization without sounding didactic, then advocates for a common sense approach to change, but at “wartime speed,” referring to World War II, when within a month of entering the war; many American industries had managed to change to making whatever was needed for the war effort. Plan B 3.0 effectively builds that same sense of urgency without sounding hyperbolic. Bonus: it’s available for a free download in .PDF format from the Earth Policy Institute website.  Double bonus: our esteemed editor-in-chief interviewed Lester Brown not too long ago.  Check it out. […]

  3. Chris Betts says:

    The question should not be ‘Can we save civilisation?’. It should be ‘Is civilisation worth saving?’.

    Anyone who takes some time to consider what civilisation is will be forced to face this question. Derrick Jensen defines culture and civilisation as follows:

    culture is “a complex of stories, institutions, and artifacts — that both leads to and emerges from the growth of cities (civilization, see civil: from civis, meaning citizen, from Latin civitatis, meaning city-state), with cities being defined [..] as people living more or less permanently in one place in densities high enough to require the routine importation of food and other necessities of life.”


  4. […] Lewis, for elephantjournal.com: Recently, we interviewed Amy Goodman, Paul Hawken and Lester Brown. They all say the same thing: that media is the key to “saving the world.” I’d […]

  5. […] new article in The Nation says much the same thing that Lester Brown did to elephant, recently—that in order to keep the world running properly, we’ll actually […]

  6. […] issue’s interview with Lester Brown is the most important one I’ve had the honor to conduct in my 6.25 years building elephant to a […]

  7. […] is, vague environmental problems like disappearing species, depleted resources and toxic pollution directly effect the daily lives of everyone on this planet. And the […]

  8. […] stage in humanity’s history…and what do the majority of us really know about it, or what we can do to slow it down? This is the challenge people, let’s get on it and start educating ourselves because knowledge […]

  9. […] consumer that has done what no government has had the guts to do over the last 20 years—create a market for ‘green,’ for ‘eco,’ for wind, solar and […]

  10. […] that’s where media comes in, as Lester Brown said—we’re the key. If good info isn’t getting out there in a genuine, tough, fun […]

  11. […] elephant interviewed Lester Brown in Denver last spring, he told us, “If you like challenges, there’s no greater time to be […]

  12. […] job to do if we’re going to turn this Climate Change situation around—as Lester Brown said we’ve only got a year to really reverse the tide, and we won’t be able to do so unless […]

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  14. […] (Now go watch Waylon’s interview with Lester Brown.) […]

  15. […] by elephantjournal.com on Nov 17, 2009 He’s my idol—one of three or four interviews out of hundreds over the past 7.5 years that’ve inspired my daily life and mission—so I’m honored and psyched to get to introduce him to the masses. Click here for an excerpt of our video interview with him a year ago. […]

  16. […] Kongtrul Rinpoche, Chris Sharma, Michael Pollan, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Bill McKibben, Paul Hawken, Lester Brown, Amy Goodman, Dr. Andrew Weil, Anne Waldman, Robert Thurman, many other folks working (and playing) […]

  17. […] My main man Lester Brown, Alexandra Cousteau, James Kunstler (of The Long Emergency), Richard Heinberg, Edward O. Wilson, Jim White agree: we need to look ahead. […]

  18. […] couple of years ago as part of our talk show, I interviewed Lester Brown, who’s one of my heroes. He’s an environmental kind of wonk in Washington, D.C. He […]

  19. Hans Bosman says:

    Dear Lester Brown, Population is the problem. If we can make:"Every Child a Wanted Child" a battle cry we can make the greatest impact on this world. See what impact the one child policy did for China. If we really care about people, we should take care of the children that we can take care of and not allow children that are unwanted or that we know they will not be taken care of properly. Education AND birthcontole is the answer. If we bring the numbers of birth down by 50% we can start to heel the world. If we can bring down the numbers of people we can start to increase the quality of life. Hans Bosman

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