GW head up his butt

Via Todd Mayville
on Jun 2, 2008
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Well, at least it’s not in the sand anymore.

I almost wondered if the Fratboy in the White House even read the report on climate change that his own administration just released (by court order… yeah… that one), but then I remembered that good ol’ boy GW, by his own admission, doesn’t even bother to read newspapers, so the idea that he hasn’t read the report on climate change doesn’t surprise me. In light of that, I suppose it’s no shocker that W has voiced his opposition to the Senate bill on climate change, citing a possible decreased GDP and increased gas prices… not that we’re seeing soaring gas prices now, of course. But then again, there really isn’t any sort of viable alternative to fossil fuel vehicles like bicycles or electric vehicles or anything, so I guess I can see his point. I mean, who cares what the planet will be like as long as we have cheap gas and can buy up the latest techno-gadget that we really don’t need?

*sigh* Is it January 19, 2009 yet?


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