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Via Rachel Steele
on Jul 15, 2008
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You know you have hit upon a good product when the company motto is “We have a responsibility to our planet and to our inner bliss.” Well, I’m in.

Blissful Home makes green cleaning products with ayurvedic aromatherapy using essential oils. I am not the best housekeeper in the world, but when I do clean (and I swear I have on occasion or two), I have found that it is an effective way to de-stress, and the added aromatherapy was incredibly enjoyable and calming. The lavender scented “Clarity” Glass Cleaner was the best smelling cleaner I have ever smelled, hands down (and my mirror mirror on the wall was beautiful!). I also had the “All Blissed Out” All Purpose and Floor Cleaner, which by doing double duty saves plastic- woo! and makes the $12 price tag affordable- double woo! My mom and I found it very effective as we cleaned my apartment in preparation of my moving out, and we were not going to settle for anything less than security deposit back clean.

I would reccommend their “Bliss To Go” Yoga Mat Spray in citrus to any and every yogi or yoga studio. I find it nice to spray my mat after a hard and sweaty practice, and it kept my mat smelling oh so nice (and believe me it hasn’t always). My All Purpose Cleaner was in peppermint, and if you like peppermint, you will like this cleaner, but peppermint makes me think of Christmas, and as it was 95 degrees in Boulder and perhaps even hotter in my second floor apartment as we cleaned, the irony was not lost, but rather unappreciated. My mom, however, found the scent very clean and refreshing.

But alas my favorite part of the products is the Gunilla Norris quotation on the cleaner bottles, lyrically describing cleaning as “a kind of lovemaking, the chance to appreciate by touch what I live with and cherish.” It was mindful reminder that cleaning is not only a responsibility, but an act of respect and appreciation for your home and what is in it. Contemplating that as I cleaned my old apartment, I promised myself to clean my next apartment more often.


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Rachel Steele originally hails from Charleston, SC, but schlepped all the way to Boulder to play in the mountains and study at the University of Colorado. She graduated with a degree in in Political Geography in 2008 and then briefly traveled in India and was certified as a yoga teacher in 2009 at Holy Cow Yoga Studio. She has since returned to her mother's ancestral home of Brooklyn, NY and is proud to call the Williamsburg area home. Despite what her mother recently said, she doesn't think she's become a hipster. She does wears many hats, including a fedora with a pin of Lindsey Lohan on it, but the one that is most important to her is that of a feminist filmmaker. She also loves live music, enjoys cooking, and is happiest when rabble rousing. She does miss Colorado, but feels very connected to her college home when writing for elephant. Her personal blog can be found at and on imdb.


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