August 10, 2008

Photos: Jasper Johal. Hard Tail’s founder, Dick Cantrell, “Blows the Doors” Off of Made-in-USA Yoga Fashion (with Hot-t-t adverts).

All photos—and art direction—by the amazing yoga photographer Jasper Johal.

Part of a Series: This is What Effective Advertising Looks Like.

As a yoga/ecofashion/etc magazine publisher, I’m a great fan of simple clean evocative ads that don’t clutter up the page, or the eye. Some of the best yoga ads out there are via LA-based Hard Tail, the yogawear maker. Since they don’t advertise in elephant, you won’t have ever heard of ’em, of course. But aside from gorgeous ads, their clothes are all MADE in USA, giving them a B on the ecofashion-ometer (They may not be organic, I don’t know how fair-labor, but at least they’re not shipped halfway across the world to be made by folks making 1/108th what we do). Here’s a few for your enjoyment—you know they gotta be pretty-pretty if they inspire me to give their ads attention for free…

Preparing for this in-depth scholarly blog, I read Hard Tail’s ABOUT page…and check this out. I want to hire this bio-writer to do one for me:


Focused and intense, businessman Dick Cantrell exudes a fighter pilot cool that is highly creative and positively charged. The lifeblood of Hard Tail’s evolution from sportswear manufacturer to premium denim guru is rooted in the southern California lifestyle and its easy, relaxed, and casual lineage. He is first and foremost a sportswear pioneer who creates clothing that reflects the natural, sexy and sporty individuality of women today. Upon launching Hard Tail 15 years ago, he transcended the original premium tee-shirt by creating tattoo-inspired designs that provided an edgy twist. He never got lost in anyone’s opinion as to what Hard Tail should be.

Cantrell blew the doors off the sportswear industry 15 years ago with the launch of Hard Tail by turning contemporary sportswear into casual, comfortable and chic urban-wear.

“Always made in the U.S.A” is not just a mantra, but a fundamental personal philosophy to Cantrell. His integrity hinges upon keeping the source of his inspiration and construction pure in order to keep standards and quality high.”

I gotta meet this guy: fighter pilot cool?!

You can find Hard Tail at stylee yoga boutiques all over the West Coast, and online. Check ’em out. And tell ’em to support the hippest indie eco yoga magazine this side of Silver Lake.

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