Review: Chocolate Gogi Treats from Superfood Snacks

Via Rachel Steele
on Aug 26, 2008
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I do apologize that this is not another hilarious Youtube video, but it is delicious. While I can not eat these chocolate goji treats at base camp 1 in Nepal, I will be stashing them in my carry-on bag and snacking on them on my plane ride to India on Wednesday (the irony).  They were in backpack today as I flew from Charleston, SC to Seattle, and these yummy treats sweetened with agave nectar and sprinkled in coconut were filling enough to keep me from breaking down and buying M&Ms and super sugary Vitamin Water on the plane.  That alone makes them an awesome product, but they’re also raw, organic, and the bag they come in is compostable. Major kudos to Hawaii based Superfood Snacks for making the “first ever printed bag from 100% bidegradable and compstable materials.” And they already had me at chocolate and antioxidant rich.


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