Is this Apple Green? Greenpeace says ‘better be,’ Dell calls ‘Greenwashing.’

Via Waylon Lewis
on Sep 26, 2008
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“Apple finally listens to Greenpeace. The iPhone maker is rumored to release their next-gen MacBook with eco-friendly aluminum.” Awesome post via Jerry James Stone, click here to go to the source:

“AppleInsider claims that the next version of Apple’s MacBook is ready to start production stateside, and that the iPhone maker has upgraded the laptop eco wise. The notebook’s plastic parts have been replaced by more eco-friendly aluminum. This news comes on the heels of announcing a greener iPod Nano last month –  which also comes in green! This is a nice step forward considering the bad marks Apple has gotten in the past by Greenpeace.

Image source: Brianfit from Flickr

But is it all greenwashing? Dell says so. 


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