September 5, 2008

Composting Reduces Household Waste by 80%. Do It In Your Backyard, or On Your Balcony.

The Nature Mill Home Composter.

80% of trash is compostable. Want 2 reduce landfills, methane gas, global warming, & produce great soil out of your scraps? Landfill & Recycling aren’t enough:

My parents back in New Jersey have composted for the past 2 decades. But it wasn’t until the beginning of this year, after going back home for the holidays, that something clicked in me about throwing a banana peel into the garbage. I couldn’t do it. It just seemed weird after 10 days of dropping so much into the compost kitchen pail at my parents’. So I tossed it into my own makeshift pail and started doing research.

I managed to learn the basics online, but realized that there wasn’t any professional compost resources online. Enough could be found about yard composting, but anything urban was scattered and basic. I was 3 months and 5 library books into it before I decided to start my site. I put my first blog post out on Earth Day ’08.

What I’m going for is a site where people can learn how non-scary composting is, how fun it can be, and to get it as mainstream as possible. I’m in the midst of designing my own cost-efficient composter(s), and in very early stages of getting an instructional DVD out to the public.

via Cameron Preston, of balconycompost.com

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