Jon Stewart is Hot for Sarah Palin. [Rape Kits, Ireland & Iraq, Blink, Bush Doctrine, Bridge, Earmarks, Debt, Russia]

Via Waylon Lewis
on Sep 16, 2008
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Seriously. Stewart continues to speak truth to power—then kick it in the shins.


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4 Responses to “Jon Stewart is Hot for Sarah Palin. [Rape Kits, Ireland & Iraq, Blink, Bush Doctrine, Bridge, Earmarks, Debt, Russia]”

  1. admin says:

    Ohhhhhh, yes it was. A tad harsh but Jenny Garofalo is a BEAST! She should be Obama’s VP!

    Ayanna Matlock (Philadelphia, PA) Today at 6:30am

  2. AnitaYoga says:

    This was worth the watch.

    The question is: If perception is reality (and it is) what is the perception of those who actually have confidence in Palin and or find her character, behaviors and beliefs to be beneficial for all humanity and the American public?

    Having 20 years experience in media/television working for network News affiliates, I say this with perspective. And with all due respect for my colleagues in the media, who by and large do a fantastic job. But, I find it still astounding how easy the public mind can be manipulated or brainwashed or otherwise turned off to free, intelligent and independent thinking by reading or hearing a headline. What we as media can tell you in 1 or 2 minutes is a scant of information that is out there. YOU need to take full responsibility to read about, learn about and seek the truth in everything.

    Further, comments from friends and their experiences with family and my own personal visit ‘home to parents/family’ has lead me to believe there is a very strong CONNECTION in this particular election, between Church and State (still) as the churches are campaigning heavily for the conservative view AKA Republican ticket.

    A few comments I have received from female family include: “Sorry, as I’ve become a woman of God, I have become more socially conservative. I actually will be voting for McCain/Palin.”
    “After hearing Palin talk (RNC speech), there is now way I can vote for Obama.”

    With all due respect, this has nothing to do with religious beliefs or views conservative or liberal. The Palin concern has everything to do with character, behaviors/actions and beliefs that are either inhumane or unintelligible for the greater whole.

    Anyone ever see the movie: Idiocracy ?
    If yes, you fully understand. If not. Rent it. Movies sometimes are not far from the truth.

    I am a mother of two teenagers. I want their futures to be bright. Please do your homework and VOTE Responsiblity. Peace.

    Anita Lopez

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