Video: Michael Pollan vs. CEO of Monsanto.

Via Waylon Lewis
on Sep 20, 2008
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Bestselling NY Times’ Slow Food author Michael Pollan, Google [Dr. Larry Brilliant] & Monsanto [Hugh Grant]? And Sufis? Food politics make for strange bedfellows.

What’s so remarkable, in my viewing, of this conversation is that Pollan is skilfully, simultaneously respectful and unblunted. If I were in a debate with Monsanto I’d be on the attack (less respectful) and more shrill (less effective).

Pollan, therefore, represents a sort of Shambhala warrior example of dealing with one’s enemy.

“The only way to kill your enemy is to make him your friend.” If Pollan and Grant don’t go out for (microbrew) beers afterward, at least they openly exchange very, very different ideas regarding very, very different worldviews:

From Michael Pollan: “On Wednesday I participated in a panel discussion with Hugh Grant, the president/CEO of Monsanto, and Sonal Shah, a development expert at It was moderated by Larry Brilliant, of Google-org, and held on the Google Campus. It was just posted on Youtube. As you can see, we only had 30 minutes and barely scratched the surface, but it’s rare that Monsanto engages with its critics, so something you won’t see everyday. “Creating a World That Can Feed Itself”

Let me know what you think. –Michael”\


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  10. Rob Thomas says:

    It amazes me that all these conferences of smart, eco-conscious shakers and moves always have plastic water bottles on every desk!

  11. Hugh says nothing about the financialization and drive of speculation that overtook the commodity crop markets – as if all of these problems are just "naturally" occurring out of nowhere…