September 28, 2008

Yoko Ono presents…”Working class hero” – Imagine -the Artwork of John Lennon in Boulder

Yoko Ono presents…”Working class hero” – the Artwork of John Lennon

The great spiritual leader Paramahansa Yogananda, who brought yoga to the west and published “Autobiography of a yogi”, wrote about Perseverance: “If you wish fulfillment of your right material, mental, and spiritual desires, you should persevere with sustained effort and definite purpose. First you should decide what you want; then ask divine Aid to direct you to right actions. Persevere and act according to the inner soul-direction that you receive and you will surely be led to your goal. Cosmic power can be utilized by application of the right law. Jesus said, “seek, and ye shall find” (Mathew 7:7) Happiness is the altar of God within you. That lasting inner joy is the one important thing to strive for in life. By perseverance it can be gained.”

Peace Leader John Lennon’s perseverance was focused on Love* Compassion* Happiness* Togetherness* Forgiveness* Music* Words* and Peace* In one beautiful word: ART. He used to say that there were two kinds of people: the Why me? and the Why not? He loved Yoko Ono and he was a great writer, musician and believer. He was aware of his fame and accepted wisely the reality of his power to move the masses embracing it with his actions and leading the world closer to Peace. John Lennon invited everyone to “Imagine all the people living in peace”, to “Give Peace a chance”. He was a popular musician who wrote about his love of life and enlightment inspiring millions to live like him; In love and in peace. He was a people’s leader and he was killed. He wrote great songs and was the icon of the best Pop band ever “The Beatles”…so I learned today.

Like me, not everybody knows details about John Lennon’s life but we all have sang his songs sometime or somewhere. So when my friend Jack Watson found out about Yoko Ono’s “Working class Hero” exhibit in Boulder, plans to go see it where made instantly. That is the power of John Lennon’s inspirational spirit and soul. Friends join to share the experience of him. His biggest legacy is unity among people after all.

At the exhibit I also learned that on their wedding day, John presented Yoko with the “Bag One” portfolio of wedding drawings and controversial erotic works. Yoko, in turn, gave John a series of sketch books and asked that he chronicle his life with her through art. This is the collection Yoko Ono and the FLorida based company *Legacy Fine Art and Productions* are presenting this weekend in our mountain town of Boulder, Colorado. Today Saturday September 27th~ and tomorrow Sunday 28th until 6 PM, you can enjoy John Lennon’s artwork at 902 Pearl Street. Yoko Ono has been organizing John’s art exhibits for many years now, at least 15. Being an artist herself She improvises instinctively to choose which pieces to exhibit each time in a beautiful celebration of John’s dream. Peace.

The limited edition artwork in this exhibition consists of lithogrpahs, serigraphs, and copper etchings hand reproduced from the original drawings. Each edition is limited, hand signed by Yoko Ono and comes with a certificate of authenticity from the Lennon Estate guaranteeing that no more will be released. Also included are very rare “Bag One” lithographs, signed and numbered by John Lennon himself. Artists in Asia sign their works with an individual, patent stamp known as a chop. John Lennon’s, which is hand-stamped in red on each edition, was designed by john to read “Like a Cloud, Beautiful Sound.” Through this exhibit -Legacy Fine Art and Productions- creative team, “in the spirit of John & Yoko’s benevolence, will be raising money to help benefit *Emergency Family Assistance Association*, dedicated to helping those in the community whose immediate needs for food, shelter & other basic necessities cannot adequately be met by other means, & support their efforts toward financial stability.” The donation they suggest is $2.00 at the door. John Lennon’s Artwork is available for purchase. Not less than $200 and not more than $20,000 you can pay to take a piece of John’s creativity with you home. You can also purchase any of Lennons drawings for his son Sean, titled Real Love, as well as his Solo Lyrics, his Beatles Lyrics and his Hand Signed Collection BAG ONE: 1969 

“Listen to the art…I hope you enjoy the show.” is how Yoko Ono Lennon presents the exhibit. And it is quite an inspiring show. John Lennon’s line drawings with pen, pencil and Japanese sumi ink eternalized his view of his love for Yoko, his deep awareness of being human as well as being a star.  He shined his light to fade the darkness, making of himself a reflexion of each other in order to elevate our understanding of free will and the choice of true happiness. He believed in peace and was a brat of his generation. He wanted to love, play music and get everybody high with creative inspiration and a rare confidence in the self. John Lennon’s magnetism vibrates beyond life and death. Like with all great leaders of humanity, time only empowers his presence especially in needed times of hope and change. Yoko Ono believes that “her husband and partner John lennon’s campaign for peace is as powerful as ever and that showing her late husband’s art is a crucial part of that campaign.”  

John Lennon was a dreamer.  And after enjoying John’s artwork and music at the exhibit today, like he said he’s not the only one. Give yourself the gift of John Lennon’s this weekend and go see this exhibit, because there is one thing that can never become stale-joy itself. “Change yourself and you have done your part in changing the world. Every individual must change his own life if he wants to live in a peaceful world. The world cannot become peaceful unless and until you yourself begin to work toward peace. It is only by removing hate from our hearts that we can live a peaceful life.” – Yogananda said. John Lennon understood this and put it simple: ALL WE NEED IS LOVE.



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