October 6, 2008

Canada votes Obama! T-shirts hot off the press.

Being a US/Canadian dual citizen I get to vote in two elections this Fall, which is very exciting!

I am still deciding about my choice of leadership in Canada (Liberal, NDP or The Green Party). Hmm… so many choices, Canada!

But I am 100% sure who I will vote to be the next US president. I think it is really important that Americans living abroad vote in this election, especially in this election as it will make a very big impact on everyone all over the world.

So I got inspired to write this small blog on the t-shirts that are on sale now for Canadians supporting Mr. Obama. I was just about to send in some money online when I found the site Canada votes Obama.

The t-shirts are not organic cotton (you can get one here though) and the price seems a tad low for what I pay for t-shirts (I know not your normal complaint)…but It is something I can do to support the cause all the way up here. It’s a good looking shirt too, I believe they are using something like the iconic image of Obama created by Shepard Fairey.

I also sent a bit of money straight to Barack Obama too. Heck, he is running a solid campaign and none of the money they are receiving is wasted.

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Read 3 comments and reply

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