October 14, 2008

elephant journal goes NYC: A Locally-Owned Food/Drink Hit List.

Let’s face it, no one has the time to research restaurants before a trip…it’s time consuming and requires a bit of detective work. Well, this is where we come into play…to give you Rusty’s NYC Food & Drink Guide. The great thing about New York City, is that eating at non-chain restaurants is a requirement.

Local restaurants are on every corner, and the amount of options is dizzying. There are some super-tasty local spots, which I have navigated for you. From vegetarian to pizza to cocktails and dive bars, here is what I uncovered in NYC. Read more after the break!

Just follow the links to read my full reviews (under Rustafarian) !

BEST COCKTAIL BAR: Pegu club (Manhattan / Soho): “5 STARS because they invented the Bensonhurst.”

BEST (Belgian) BEER BAR: Spuyten Duyvil (Brooklyn): “They have millions of belgian beers that even beer snobs haven’t heard of, and cheeses that totally make you blush.”

BEST DIVE BAR: Red Hook Bait & Tackle (Brooklyn / Red Hook): “The jukebox is sick. We were jamming to Otis Redding and James Brown… just feeling the soul. Sounded great and super classic.”

BEST FALAFEL: Oasis (Brooklyn / Williamsburg): “The most amazing falafel… texture is insane. Creamy almost, just forgiving and a tad crunchy and hot and smooth inside. AMAZING.”

BEST SCHWARMA: Mamoun’s (Manhattan / Greenwich Village): “Kid you not, I doubled up at lunch. Finished a pita sandwich, and then went back…”

And some others: Dos Caminos, Otto Restaurant Enoteca Pizzeria, Dumont Burger, Bedford Cheese Shop, Joe’s Pizza.

Next time you’re in NYC, be sure to give these a shot!

Photo/Blog by Rusty Ralston


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