Music Review – Paper Bird: Anything Nameless & Joymaking

Via Kirk Peterson
on Oct 2, 2008
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Paper Bird are two sisters and their cornet-playing sista backed by a lean, old-timey band of double bass, banjo, guitar and trombone. The music is a bright succotash of ragtime, gypsy jazz, porch gospel, Motown girl group and whatever else is left in the cupboard of 20th century American music. Think of fellow revivalist Jolie Holland…on Prozac. Esmé, Genny and Sarah sing mostly in a singular voice of harmony, then wander into solo lines—only to easily reconvene. Whether together or solo, the power of their voices never fluctuates. Visit Paper Bird at their merch table after a show, and you’ll find homemade tee shirts and albums adorned with yarn. I doubt they’ll be able to meet the demand of making their own souvenirs for long.


About Kirk Peterson

Kirk Peterson is a semi-retired line chef with a road cycling habit. He can’t seem to escape his day (and night) job as Talent Buyer/Program Director for the historic Boulder Theater:


4 Responses to “Music Review – Paper Bird: Anything Nameless & Joymaking”

  1. john Cargile says:

    and they have a sweet tour bus.

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