October 13, 2008

SCARE-crow Festival: Palin, McCain, Obama, Biden together at last!

Every fall, the town of Mahone Bay hosts the annual Scarecrow Festival and the people of the town come together to show off their creative skills. This year my top #1 award goes to…The Americans.

The whole house was dripping in stars and stripes with flags flying. It was the perfect backdrop for the perfect American scene.

One question I have is, who is that woman sitting down next to Biden? Who is the little old lady sitting there on the blue side on the left? Who could it be? It looks like a  lot like Angela Lansbury but that doesn’t make any sense.

…..On the left! That’s it!

I think it may be the owner of the house professing her support. How psychological and emotional!

That is not just a Scarecrow festival anymore. It is a expressive art form that digs deep to the inner soul of every voter.

Or maybe it is just Angela Lansbury.

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Read 4 comments and reply

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