SNL: Don Draper’s Guide to Picking up Women. (Step 4 is Key)

Via Waylon Lewis
on Oct 27, 2008
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I have no idea what this has to do with “the mindful life,” elephantjournaldotcom’s editorial mission…unless you say that this is sorta about women, who make up 85% of our readership…and bc it’s funny and true (particularly number 4), which you could say are two key qualities of spiritual enlightenment…and, simply, bc it features my idol Jon Hamm, the actor who plays Don Draper on my favorite teevee show, Mad Men…

…And bc I ran into an acquaintance of mine the other night at White Space who’s one of Boulder’s leading playboys, and we got into a convo about dating and when or when not to settle down and why most folks get married and such, and he recommended I read a book about the Laws of Seduction. While I might not want to learn how to be a professional lady-killer…I do love women, plural…and yet I do want a quality relationship, and love children, and I don’t want to be an old man when I do “settle for the best I’m gonna get,” as he put it.

So when do you know? What’s a good age to retire from bachelorhood? I’ve always said JFK got married at 36, and JFK’s good enough for me. But, then, he had tons of affairs and I don’t see the point of getting married if you’re going to continue to want to be with other women. And how do you ever turn that particular faucet off?

Empty of answers, all I can say is that I know when I meet someone special my many questions will fall away. And if they don’t, I’ll keep following Don Draper’s Guide until I’m a lonely old boy. Enjoy:

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18 Responses to “SNL: Don Draper’s Guide to Picking up Women. (Step 4 is Key)”

  1. lindsey says:

    Fun video! I think it’s unfortunate however that we still have a word like “bachelor” without it’s feminine equivalent. No one uses “bachelorette” and instead you have a woman who’s just “single.” And there are many more negative connotations when it is used in the context of the feminine, the sad, clock-ticking and often questioning ones. No one questions a bachelor. There is an assumption that he can get plenty of dates and when it’s time to settle, will have no problem doing so, and he has an air of mystery like your Don Draper. But with women, it seems to be more like “why is she single?” (what is she doing wrong) and what’s she going to do? Just my thoughts and experiences. I’ll start trying to work “fierce goddess” into our language for this single gal.

  2. JEFF ROTH says:

    dont worry too much about it, being called a batchelor isn’t exactly the greatest compliment in the world. and it does wear thin. especially as a man ages, say into the mid 30’s, it ain’t that cool for him to be single either–no matter what word you use.
    It’s just a euphamism for playing the field. I think the commensurate one for women is ‘dating.’ as in, i’m just dating right now. maybe it’s better just to do it, than to talk about it too much, so to speak

  3. Alexandra says:

    Wayne (if I may), Be a man. Act like a man. Not a child-man like Don Draper — who I adore and am watching at this moment but as a woman wouldn't touch w/ a ten foot pole. He's a baby-man. All dressed up like a man with manly habits but the self control and desires no more noble than my 5 year old's. Good luck. The grown up life is well worth the wait, but I think your time has come.

  4. Well, my name’s Waylon, but I’m not picky. Yah, Don is a cool, stylish, confident man-child. Not an example to follow, unless you want to be wealthy, lonely, selfish and conflicted (and get laid frequently). I’m in a thing right now…and I’m trying my best…but I’m such an only child, such a bachelor, my best ain’t very good it seems. Growing up is hard to do!

  5. […] so I am watching the first season on Netflix. It’s our editor’s favorite show, and he wrote a commentary on bachelorhood with a link to a hilarious SNL skit which includes Mad Men’s star, Jon […]

  6. admin says:

    Kristof Reiter at 11:01pm January 10
    You do a very good job of getting your message out. Much respect, keep it up! (Even if this article is not your pride and joy.)

  7. John says:

    Waylon, The “faucet” never gets turned off – you just don’t drink from it.

  8. admin says:

    Patricia Bukur at 6:16am January 11
    Miindful pick-ups?

  9. Liz the aunt says:

    I despise that show for glorifying all that women have worked so hard to overcome. It makes me ill.

  10. Victor says:

    Awesome !! It is comedy … There are always people that overuse their 15 minutes per day of complaining. Chillax !!

  11. Melony says:

    From my perspective as a woman in her early twenties, Mad Men has helped me appreciate my status in society presently. Liz the Aunt, I'm sure it doesn't sit well with many women… but for me it has been a bit of enlightenment on how hard previous generations had to work to get where we are now.

    Waylon, fun article and also fun to know that women make up 85% of your readership.

  12. elephantjournal says:

    Right, but it also shows how miserable that life is…it does make it look good, but much of the show is about how it doesn't feel good. loves the show.

  13. Alex Hanifin says:

    I would totally let him pick me up! Love Mad Men.

  14. tatumann says:

    Hahaha! So funny. And for the record (in my opinion) laughter is good for the soul = mindful life. Thanks for sharing!

  15. Spence says:

    Seduction is a great way to practice midfulness….Let the seduction BECOME your meditation…Be aware of your STANCE and BODY POSITION…..your BREATHING…..your SPEECH…..NON-ATTACHMENT to outcome is key….Just enjoy being aware of the process itself…Stay with that feeling of groundlessness…Stay in the moment, as Mara tempts you with delusions of past failures and projections of the “future”….
    I’m working on a book that will bring Buddhism/Taoism to the world of seduction, and vice/versa…All this knowledge and wisdom is ONLY useful, if it’s applied to real life situations…What better way to acquire self knowledge, than to confront our fears?

  16. :) :) :) :D :D :D says:

    The grown up life? Is worth the wait? I've never heard something so depressing in my life.
    People only pretend to grow up. It is not natural to let go of youthful feelings. You don't stop playing because you get old. You get old because you stop playing. No hard feelings intended. Just a random opinion.

  17. Anonymous says:

    Is this what we are doing? Is this some sort of a confession, dear heart? (the first video wouldn't play on my computer so I haven't seen it yet. I only saw the second one).