Can Yoga Help Change the World? “Y Yoga Movie” says yes, and why.

Via Jayson Gaddis
on Dec 29, 2008
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Very powerful 88 min movie made by filmmaker Arthur Klein. From young children to men and women in the US Army doing yoga, this new film is something else. Even pro-wrestler Diamond Dallas Page is in the movie–not just doing yoga, but teaching yoga! In fact, Page has been to Iraq three times to teach yoga to soldiers there!

Just the trailer will tug at your heart strings and if you do yoga might just make you think more about your own practice and it’s impact. How can yoga help change the world?

“After becoming a devotee in the aftermath of the World Trade Center attacks, Klein traveled the world to explore how yoga has affected others. From a charter school in South Central Los Angeles to wrestler Diamond Dallas Page’s yoga class for American soldiers in Iraq, Klein reveals how this ancient practice continues to bring harmony to the world.”

How did I find out about this thoughtful movie?

This is how cool facebook is. I found this guy in a group called “The Hurricane of Gratitude.” I just emailed him and had a good vibe from the guy. He then sends me a long email about our connection and his movie. Right then and there I watched the trailer with my wife and was hooked. 

Klein’s other websites are here.

To order film and get other juicy stuff:  click here or here

You can also watch a helpful TV interview with the filmmaker Arthur Klein:

See the trailer here:


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