December 16, 2008

With All That We’ve Learned…~via Joana Smith [Recycling, Revolution, Cuffs]

With all that we’ve learned,

I think it might be the wisest thing,

to start a Revolution…

of Recycling!

Actually, Abilene Plum and I have already been having a Recycling Revolution for the past 11 months

by making people cuffs out of recycled materials like the contents of my grandma’s “surprise closet,”

and Sarahdawn’s high school jewelry.

Cuffs… like superheroes!

Abilene has the ideas, and I execute while she is napping.

Waylon has a pair:

“With great power, comes great responsibility.” -Uncle Ben, from Spider-Man

But we are not cuffs-sellers,

I am only one mommy, not a factory in China;

and cuffs are a poem.

But we have made a Mythology of the Recycling Revolution (because great revolutions begin with a mythology)

and called it, “The Revolution of the Mommies'”

that anyone can read.

It is made from an old photo album that my grandmother was going to throw away:

it involves seeing the world through a mother’s eyes.

A couple of months from now,

we will give Obama some cuffs.

(we’ve already been collecting stuff for them)

They will be a symbol from everyone that we can do it! (Yes we can, O!)

We can clean this place up, and get together as the great nation

of Superman’s Children that we are!

(And we’ll teach people about recycling along the way,)

(and sing and make revolutionary plans over hot cider!)

It’s the Mommie Revolution!

(where we begin to think about repurposing our stuff!)

Well…what do you think?

(I think that the future is here!)

Joana Smith

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