January 30, 2009

Climate Change Chocolate: Eat Chocolate, Reduce Carbon Footprint (Yum).

Wanna save the world? Feeling overwhelmed? Eat Chocolate.

We all know it’s not that simple, but every time you buy a Climate Change Chocolate Bar, in Milk or Dark Chocolate, you also purchase carbon offsets, 133 lbs of CO2, America’s per-capita daily emissions, to be exact.  Climate Change Chocolate is the result of a partnership between New Zealand based chocolatiers, Bloomsbury & Co, and terrapass, a company that sell carbon offsets, buy investing in “clean energy and efficiency projects such as wind farms.” The company aims to help people reduce his or her carbon footprint, and they also recently teamed up with Expedia, to give travelers the opportunity to “green” trips by purchasing offsets.  But enough about the facts, I recently had  the Milk Chocolate Climate Change Chocolate Bar and it was good. Damn Good.  And offsetting my carbon emissions in the process, yeah that felt pretty good too.  As an added bonus, each chocolate wrapper has eco-friendly tips for daily life.  Most are common sense, but every now and then who doesn’t need a little reminding to “drive smoothly rather than braking and accelerating,” or to wash clothes in cold water?  So head over to participating Whole Foods (by bike or bus if possible!), or order one online, the company offsets the carbon emissions from the production and distribution of Climate Change Chocolate.

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Read 7 comments and reply

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