January 22, 2009

Green Movement Gets A New Poster Girl!* And Her friends are Eco-Superheroes! (but for real*)

OK, so it’s just me!…but there was no sense in waiting for the perfect Revolution!”

Plus, we’ve already been working on it…

When Abilene and I woke up this morning we thought we needed to find some money,

Abilene had some ideas


But no one would exchange any of those things for a new sewing machine,

even though some could be important.

Maybe we need to change the rules…

because our pocket is filled with stories!

and we can be brave…


we already are!

In New Orleans, Liz is getting everyone thinking waste=resource,

and it’s working!

In Los Angeles, Megan‘s discovered that

as long as she keeps feeding everyone

her fridge just won’t quit!

Lindsay will capture your most treasured moment* on Polaroid!

(Below is the moment I decided to make cuffs out of eco-materials for everyone.

Thanks Lindsay!)

Call me what you want,

Lady Liberty,


your new poster girl…

I have a lot,

but the thing I do not have is money.

Waylon Lewis says that he’ll give me $100 for my blogs on this site,

but only if I can get 10 comments and 500 views in one week!

Can you help?

If you like what I’m doing, just drop a comment, like,

“keep it up, we wanna see more honey!”

There’s no waiting for the perfect Revolution!

The Revolution of the Mommies is here!

Light a candle and say a prayer,

this is going to be one mother (earth) of a revolution!

*Polaroids from my brave, wandering family. with lveo

for more revolution click*

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Read 27 comments and reply

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