January 15, 2009

LoLa, Jax Boulder, Jax Denver, The West End Tavern, Zolo, Centro … and now Dave Query opens Happy Noodle House.

Dave Query is one of downtown Boulder’s Independent Business Community Icons—along with, say, Mike Smith of the Trident, Doug Emerson of University Bikes, Richard Foy of Comm Arts, Mark Van Grack of Hapa Sushi, David Bolduc of the Boulder Bookstore, Mark Menagh of the Farmer’s Market, Sylvia Tawse of FIGMr. Query is one of those omnipresent figures who rules Boulder (and parts of Denver, too) with a grin, a wink and a nod. He, along with the others above, knows everyone (a little) and everyone knows him (a little)—he’s one of those folks who ties communities together in the old-fashioned, non-virtual, pre-Facebook manner.

His batting average in opening successful, hip, niche-filling, big league and ever-greener restaurants is close to MVP status—so the opening of his latest, Noodle House (“Happy, Happy, Soy, Soy” appears to be its motto) represents something to look forward to for yours truly, and any other Boulder citizens bored of our 10 or 20 favorite going-out options.

From Happy’s web site:

When Happy Noodle House opens its doors in early February it will be a unique restaurant whose inspiration is unmistakably Asian. Executive Chef / Partner James Van Dyk will be creating wholesome, innovative and delicious Asian inspired noodle dishes based on authenticity.

In the Bitter Bar mixologist and bar manager James Lee will be handcrafting ‘classic old school’ cocktails infused with fresh Asian ingredients. Each cocktail has been formulated with the goal of finding the perfect balance between your first sip to your last bite.

Fresh, unique and affordable cuisine paired with attentive and friendly service and unforgettable cocktails create the Happy experience.

Excerpt, from a little paper called the Rocky Mountain News (click here for full story):

When I got Query on the phone last week, he was more wound up than a dog with two tails. “This whole thing is so killer. I can’t even tell you how excited I am about it,” he enthused. “It’s going to be a completely authentic, traditional and super affordable Asian-inspired noodle house with all noodles, all the time – udon, soba, ramen, hot and cold – and you want to know what else?” he asked, the words tumbling out of his mouth far faster than I could scribble.

“James Van Dyk, who cooked at Cliff Young’s and ran the Gateway Cafe in Lyons for 11 years is going to be the executive chef. This is a guy that got the first working visa as an American chef in Japan. He’s an all-star,” Query said.

The noodle house, which Query says will also feature “the most creative and crazy cocktail list you’ve every seen,” is scheduled to open in six to eight weeks for dinner nightly and take-out and delivery only during lunch. “We’re hiring bar chefs,” quipped Query, adding that he’s “putting as much emphasis on the integrity of cocktail ingredients as ingredients on the menu.”

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