Sound: Healing: Music: 432 Hz: Are you in tune? : “Sound as Medicine” with Kimba Arem

Via Yesica Pineda
on Jan 28, 2009
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Did you know that 43 of the world’s 50 largest industrial companies provide music to employees? It restores creativity and productivity and helps to re-pattern the mind and body to maintain peak performance and clarity. Or, Did you know that music therapy is provided in such areas as physical rehabilitation, respiratory intensive care units, stroke recovery, labor and delivery, psychiatry, breast cancer support groups, and general medical care. Music can heal, strengthen, rejuvenate and restore us physically, spiritually, mentally and emotionally.

Kimba Arem believes that many cosmologic and theologic systems of thought share the same belief that the world was created through sound– vibration being the creative matrix of life, setting the universe in motion; And so did many sages that left their legacy about the creation of the Universe, such as Budha and Jesus and the kabbalah wise Rabins. In Kimba’s explanation of sound through time she reminds us that Pythagoras as the father of geometry, in the 6th century BC in Greece, had a school which taught not only the magic of numbers but the healing powers of music;  He taught of the Music of the Spheres and how the movement of the heavenly bodies could be perceived and reflected in the intervals of plucked strings. Kimba also points out that the new physics indicate that reality is the infinitely complex interaction of vibrational waveforms, and what we perceive as solid matter is merely differing densities of where frequencies—first set into motion at the “Big Bang”—interface.

Through Kimba’s understanding of Music Therapy she recommends using sound, especially intentional and prayerful sound, to apply harmonizing vibrations which help the body to come into harmony again. She says that when there is desease, Sound therapy can project the correct resonant frequency back into the imbalanced part and restore natural harmony.

As amazing as it sounds she explains how anatomical proportions resemble the waveform expression of musical intervals.  For example, the distance between one’s extended toe to the top of the sacrum, relative to the top of the sacrum to the top of the head is 3:2, the same ratio as the interval of a fifth (the note C to the note G).  These musical ratios exist throughout the body.

Amazed is how you feel when Kimba plays the Didjeridu and her Crystal Bowl sharing with us all this knowledge and love for the Earth in a beautiful breath of sound that vibrates to the bone and its nothing but inspiring and aligning to the spine. A meditation in every way, Kimba resonates with  432 Hz (cycles/second) tuning.

In her CD Gaerth Dreaming we discover that the most precisely tuned instrument created, the Strativarius violin, was originally tuned to  A = 432 Hz instead of the present standard tuning of 4:40 that musicians use to play in the same key. If we calculate the other frequencies of the notes in the scale relative to  A as 432, each different key equels some number found in nature or in ancient humna-made structures that are attuned to the natural cycles of nature and the larger cosmos, like the Pyramids in Egypt. With her music, Kimba hopes to be an aid in assitning us to re-connect with the frequencies of Earth and Cosmos.

Friday, February 13th  2009 7-9 pm and  Sunday, February 15st 2009 1-4 pm at MIGUN, 1909 Broadway Suite 100, Boulder, CO 80302, Kimba Arem presents her SOUND AS MEDICINE– TALK AND JOURNEY and DIDJERIDU AS MEDICINE FOR THE EARTH . To confirm your assistance and to learn more information about her Healing workshops and bodywork visit




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Yesica Pineda is a time and space traveler, viajera del tiempo y el espacio. Yeye is a musician, yogini, and writer, who thinks of herself as stardust creating the Universe, and loves the feeling of positive vibrations. She is the founder of the multilingual portal for the encounter of the worlds, Namaste La Onda Natural. You can also read her work at Destino Magazines®,®, BajaTraveler2016®, and follow her column here at Elephant Journal. She is a social media lover, and as the lead producer of Namaste Conscious MultiMedia, Yeye produces Yoga Videos in Spanish for and leads live power yoga & music events at 101 Namaste SJ art district®, and every full moon you can enjoy live music, friends, and nature by the Sea of Cortez at El Ganzo in Los Cabos, where she and her husband Justin Miller present Full Moon Yoga with Planetary Moods. She is a Vipassana Meditator. Born and educated in Mexico City, she has fully lived and continue studying in Los Angeles, CA; Boulder, Colorado; and Los Cabos, Mexico. Countries she has travelled include USA, Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Spain, Holland, Turkey, and New Zealand, and beautiful Islands such as Hawaii and Puerto Rico. She is a traveller of the worlds. She lives with her family and two dogs somewhere in the Universe. She believes in Love. To follow her Planetary Moods you can hear in Soundcloud at WaterWalkers or Yeyeorganicpop. Or, visit her website.


9 Responses to “Sound: Healing: Music: 432 Hz: Are you in tune? : “Sound as Medicine” with Kimba Arem”

  1. Joana Smith says:

    awesome post*

  2. I appreciated the inspiration of music as a reflection of the innate harmony of life – and how sound can facilitate harmony and balance in our own bodies and beings.

    I noticed on Kimba’s site how she has a background in Biology – what a beautiful synthesis of art and science she is offering.

  3. Adrienne says:

    Love this 🙂 I always find that I work much better when I have some light music playing in the background…
    Thank you for sharing 🙂

  4. Kate Watson says:

    Yesica, very insightful and interesting article. Kimba Arem’s music is deeply soothing and a joy to listen to. I enjoy each one of your articles. Please keep writing!

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  6. Magda M says:

    Loved reading this article. I play soothing/healing music (mostly mantras) for hours every day, whenever I can. And having met her, I can say that Kimba is a very gifted and beautiful soul.

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