January 29, 2009

“Studies Show Vegetarians Have Better Sex.” {PETA, of course}

Peta’s Super Bowl sexy-time ad is rejected by NBC.

Update: Whoopi makes whoopie with vegetables on The View.

Peta—People For the Ethical Treatment of Animals—has a long, loud, proud, unashamed (indeed, shameless) history of exploiting sexuality in the name of protecting animals (I’d rather go Naked that Wear Fur, thousands of naked models and interns enthusiastically posing as Activist Barbies and Kens).

While we don’t always love all their means, there’s no denying their ends—they get results, and attention, in a media-saturated, animal-rights-ignoring mainstream culture.

This ad for the Super Bowl, is as brilliant and fun as it is…banned, by NBC’s white-haired men division.

Via Ecorazzi:

Unfortunately, it will not be airing during the Superbowl (though we suspect they knew it wouldn’t pass ahead of time…) and was rejected by NBC because “depicts a level of sexuality exceeding our standards.”

So we can watch people getting murdered on network television but not models in lingerie getting it on with asaparagus, pumpkins, and cauliflower? Whatever.

And here’s the full video. Offensive? Not. Even. Close. I was more unnerved by current 30-second horror movie previews—and think ecorazzi has a great, if unoriginal point: what kind of society do we have where factory farms and murder and mayhem on TV are cool, but Victoria’s Secret gone Ethical is too hot for family hour? So, obviously, if you are passionate about animal rights—the best thing we can do is get this video more airplay than it might have otherwise. Considering the Super Bowl audience is 60 million around the world, that ain’t gonna happen…but I’ll do my part, and forward this to all my football loving fat man friends.

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