Best Buddhist Blogs (?)

Via Waylon Lewis
on Feb 15, 2009
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I just came upon this post on Tricycle, a leading Buddhist magazine, that lists their favorite Buddhist blogs. Clicking on their recommended Buddhist Blogs, there’s plenty of good content to be found, which is the important thing—that said none of ’em are getting much if any traffic, most have no design sense, and most of ’em are subdomains ( etc.). If these are the best, I wouldn’t like to see a list of mediocre sites. 

Still, Trike hit upon a few I know and love—Worsthorse and Rev. Danny Fisher among ’em. Considering that any web site worth its weight in pixels has a blog element to it, what are the best Buddhist blogs out there? The only ones I presently, personally read are Chronicle Project,, and (along with the two mentioned above). Oh, and—check ’em out sometime—not now, I know you’re busy, but sometime. Great stuff.

So who do you love? Comment below and share with the whole wide world wide web. Based on the comments, I’ll put together a new list that better reflects the wide-range of American Buddhist writing online, and delete the (?) in the title.


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8 Responses to “Best Buddhist Blogs (?)”

  1. Monique says:

    Dreaming of Danzan Ravjaa is really great. Konchog’s writing is full of wit and charm. The work these guys are doing in Mongolia is fab as well.

  2. Thanks for the kind nod, Way. I did a list of Buddhist blogs at my site, and also got lots of good pointers in the comments:

  3. Amanda says:

    Maybe my blog might make your list one day. It's new and quite modest, but I'm really excited to be sharing my new experiences as a Buddhist in training. I'm not out to teach anyone anything, just share my thoughts and ask seemingly dumb questions about the subject in hopes of getting back intelligent and mindful responses to help me on my spiritual journey…..and hopefully help others like me in the process 🙂 I'm at

  4. […] to critique the internet—for they alone point to the Internet’s potential for dialogue that online communities like elephant attend to, recognize and make […]

  5. racheldardenbennett says:

    Here is a wonderful Buddhist blog: I also write on Buddhism at – I'd love to hear from you on the blog and have you follow me!

  6. Please take a look at the following blog: Introduction to Buddhism through Science : Check it out!!