February 17, 2009

Denver Post: Top 10 Colorado Bands.

The royal We just did a post (“In Love with Paper Bird? Join the Club.”) on Boulder’s hottest band, Paper Bird, last week. Then, I ran across this Top Ten Denver Boulder Bands List, via Denver Post. Excerpt:

1. Hearts of Palm

Members: Nathan McGarvey (lead singer), Dan Craig (lead guitar), Stephen Till (rhythm guitar), Matthew Till (bass guitar), Phil Donovan (trumpet), Leanor Till (saxophone), Jared Black (drums) Justin Croft (keyboards).

Website: heartsofpalmband.com or myspace song samples.

Local connection: Nathan grew up in the Philippines and eventually Colorado Springs, where he met Matthew and Stephen, who had just moved with their family from Athens, Greece. Leanor grew up in Pierce, which is just outside of Ault, which is just outside of Greeley. Jared, Justin, Dan and Phil all grew up in the metro area. We all currently live in the city of Denver and are proud to call it home.

Genre: Joyous and anthemic indie pop.

When did you know your band was for real? When we got this questionnaire.

Any members in other bands? Dan has his own project, aptly titled the Dan Craig Band. Matthew is also in a band called Houses.

Favorite local bands: Porlolo, Natural Selection, Bad Weather California, Dan Craig Band, Paper Bird, Widowers, Bad Luck City, Hello Kavita, Jessica Sonner, The Messengers

Next gig: The UMS, 11 p.m. Friday at the Hi-Dive; 5 p.m. Saturday at the Outdoor Stage.

Our practices are like: An orangutan riding a wild stallion off a cliff.

Band photo by: Laurie Scavo

Watch our recent video interview with Dan Craig

Watch our video interview with Nathan, Dan and Stephen at the 2007 UMS

Watch Nathan & Stephen perform at the 2007 UMS

Read Ricardo Baca’s new feature story on Hearts of Palm. Click here



2. Ian Cooke

Members: Ian Cooke, sometimes solo and other times with Sean Merrell, Ian O’Dougherty, Kelly O’Dea, Whit Sibley and occasionally Julie Davis.

Website: myspace song samples.

Local connection: Raised in Greeley.

Genre: Classically infused avant-pop?

When did you know your band was for real? When J. Lo asked us to back her up. We love J. Lo, but we were just too busy.

Any members in other bands? Sean plays in A Shoreline Dream, Ian O’Dougherty plays in Taun Taun, Kelly plays in Bad Luck City, Whit plays in a flamenco group and with Elin Palmer, and of course Julie plays in Bela Karoli.

Favorite local bands: Bela Karoli, Rachael Pollard, the Tanukis, Joshua Novak, Paper Bird, Laura Goldhamer, Laylights, Monofog, Sweet Tooth Meat Tooth, Porlolo, Joe Sampson, the Wheel, Joseph Pope III, Rabbit Is a Sphere, Princess Tiger, Meese, Taun Taun, the Legendary River Drifters, the Autumn Film, Maxwell Hughes, Andrea Ball, Ghost Buffalo, Nicole Torres, Roger Green, Bad Weather California, Ellison Park, Blue Light, Married in Berdichev, Gregory Alan Isakov, Golden Brown, Front- side Five. Oh, God, there are so many!

Next gig: The UMS, midnight Friday at the Hi-Dive.

Our practices are like: Relaxing in a glass- bottom hot tub contained within an open- air gondola lift whose cable and intermediate supporting towers stretch along the entire Pacific coast. Wine and floating trays of mixed vegetables, fruit, cheese, crackers, chips, salsa and guacamole are at an arm’s reach.

Band photo by: Laurie Scavo


3. Paper Bird

Members: Esme Patterson (vocals), Genny Patterson (vocals), Sarah Anderson (vocals and trumpet), Paul DeHaven (guitar), Caleb Summeril (banjo), Tyler Archuletta (trombone) and Macon Terry (upright bass).

Website: paperbirdband.com or myspace song samples.

Local connection: Denver-Boulder.

Genre: Folk, Americana, jazz.

When did you know your band was for real? When we played with Flobots and traveled with the Tour de Fat.

Any members in other bands? Some are in New Denver Orchestra, and we all pretend to be in a bunch of made-up, silly bands.

Favorite local bands: Laura Goldhamer, Ian Cooke, the Wheel, Pee Pee, the list goes on and on … we love everyone!

Next gig: We’ll be back in Colorado after Tour de Fat for Monolith Festival on Sept. 14.

Our practices are like: Slumber…



…for rest of the list, photos and videos, go to the Denver Post article.

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