Nasi Goreng: An easy Indonesian style dish for a busy lifestyle [Anna’s cooking at home series “The Quick and Tasty”#1]

Via Anna Gilkerson
on Feb 5, 2009
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Cooking can be fun and rewarding when challenging yourself to a meal with lots of ingredients that you may not know all the names of. Cooking on a regular basis seems much more approachable and tangible to do when it is affordable with little prep and tasty results. For the next few weeks I will be covering the latter.

So here it is folks! The first installment of my cooking at home series “The Quick and Tasty”. This Indonesian dish is one of my mom’s recipes and she has been making it for as long as I can remember. I took the recipe with me to college and have been cooking it every since.  If you only buy local and/or organic this is a very easy dish as you can replace much of the ingredients to your liking. You can also use tofu or a meat replacement if you are a vegetarian. I use short grain organic brown rice and local meat/eggs. I also like to add a little bit of sesame oil (the one that smells really good) to my marinade. Make sure your meat or tofu is marinated for at least 2-24 hours for best taste results. It is easy to prepare in the morning or night before. Preparation is a practice of mindful thought but who says it can’t be easy? Menikmati!


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  1. I love nasi goreng! Ate a ton of it in Bali. Thanks for the recipe!

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